Cost-Effective Decorations: Reuse Light Bulbs

Cost-Effective Decorations: Reuse Light Bulbs

Check out how cool a reused light bulb can look if you're simply creative!

Reuse Light Bulbs: Charming Necklace

In this era of speed, the tendency is to spend a lot of money on things you throw away afterwards. However, one good idea is to recycle things that are used or that you no longer use. This does not only help you in saving money, but it’s also a good chance to use your creativity and to customize the house in a new and original way. One of the examples in this way is to reuse light bulbs. We all have several light bulbs that don’t work anymore lying around in the house, so why not find new and interesting uses for them? See here some ideas to help you with this!

Since we’re talking about recycling and caring for the environment, you can use light bulbs to grow plants in them. And here you have many options, depending on your taste and the available space in the home. You can put a light bulb in a pot filled with soil and let a flower grow directly into it. It will have a special effect seeing the flowers inside it, and you can use them as decorations in the entire home. Otherwise, you can fill the light bulb with soil and plant the seeds there, replacing thus a normal pot. However, this solution is not viable for large plants, obviously, but smaller plants are cuter anyway!

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Paint them! Another great way to reuse light bulbs is to paint them in funny ways and use them as decorations. For instance, in the winter you can paint them white just like snowmen. Paint other with snowflakes and hang them together on the string. Similarly, you can choose other themes to paint them: flowers for the spring, leaves for autumn and so on. You can even fill them with glitter!

If you want them to be more personal, you can glue your own photos on them. Whether on the inside or the outside, the pics glued to the glass look really cool, plus they help in customizing any room where you place them. This is one way to reuse light bulbs in a personal and original manner without having to pay for special decorations!

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You can resort to other materials to decorate light bulbs. Use colored textile materials and create funny figures on them. Other options are to use string and tassels to hang them in different places around the house, depending on the effect you want to obtain. Elegant chains and glued pearls or shiny decorations can really help in making an exquisite item to adorn a more delicate room or a girl one.

To sum up, you should totally consider reusing light bulbs in order to save money and decorate your house in a more personal and original way. Remember to use your creativity and handiness at their fullest and to place them in a beautiful manner, so as to obtain a great design with awesome unique decorations!

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