Create Your Own Spa in Your Bathroom

Create Your Own Spa in Your Bathroom

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No better way for a quick relaxation time than in your own bathroom!

spa in your bathroon

It is very important to dedicate time for yourself in order to feel more confident, refreshed and more beautiful so why wouldn’t you create your own spa in your bathroom ?

Before play time, make sure you clean your bathroom extraordinary well because everything must be spotless because if a room is cleaned, you are already more relaxed. You don’t want to have meaningless things in your own spa.

Now it is time for the set. Lights are an important key for relaxation. Hide the sun light and buy some tea-lights or some relaxing candles. You really need to find that calm glow which will invite your body to relaxation.

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Everything that is disturbing you, must go. Buy elegant, graceful products, try some organic products or some lavender vanilla scents. Flowers have a gorgeous impact on your mood. Buy as many flowers as you can.

Find the most suitable music for a perfect mood. Create your own playlist with some soothing melodies and forget about DJs and radio.

Comfort must be the most precious detail on you personal spa. Search for a soft carpet, a comfy neck pillow and you will already feel happier. You need to assure the temperature so it wouldn’t be chill when you want to start your relaxation package. Put the towels on the radiator so they will warm you up when you finish your bubble bath.

You need essential oils because your skin needs to feel refreshed and younger. Lavender oils are the best and they relax your cells, rose oils are as well very relaxing.

Make your own facial treatment. Do yourself a face mask from eggs, olive oils and cucumbers and I assure you that it will make you feel extraordinary.

You need soft fluffy towels because you want to feel pampered. A cute tip is that to add drops of your beloved essential oil put them on a handkerchief and add it in the dryer with your towels, they will smell like Spring. If you want a real spa experience, you need robes so invest in the most cosy ones.

You don’t have a full treatment without moisture after finishing your bath. A fabulous idea is cocoa butter which hydrates your skin, gives it a special brightness and softens.



These are the easiest steps for having your own spa in your own bathroom and I am sure your bathrooms can’t wait to dedicate your relaxing time to them. Start feeling refreshed and new! 




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