Creative Designs with Tape Decorations

Creative Designs with Tape Decorations

See here how easy it is to transform an interior design in just minutes by using only tape decorations!

Tape Decorations: Blue Design

Tape is one of the most common items you can find in a home and one important resource for decorating a room. If you’re wondering why, just use your creativity and you’ll find many ways in which to use tape decorations to change a little bit the aspect of your interior design. Here are some ideas to help you!

If you’re bored with the same old color of the walls, there is a way to make them have a new and original look by creating patterns with tape! Just imagine whatever pattern suits your taste and use pieces of tape to create it. Usually it’s easier to go for geometrical figures and shapes, or variations using them, but as long as it’s doable and not too complicated, you can do anything!

Another thing you can do to use tape decorations is to make photo or paintings frames. It is somewhat unconventional, but it create a pretty nice effect for your room. You can place them directly on the wall together with the photos or paintings you want to “hang”, but if you don’t want to damage the wall, you can also place them on a special board. Similarly, you can add more pictures to this panel and have a larger photo decoration on the wall.

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Choose colored tape and decorate your vases! Embellish your old vases by cutting funny or cute patterns from tape and sticking them on it. A dull blue vase, for instance, will look totally different with a colored flower made of tape on it. This idea is a great one and it can be used for lots of other stuff you have lying around, like storage boxes, mason jars around the kitchen, bottles or small closets. It will really make a difference, we promise!

Make creative tape decorations for your living room! Recycle old Christmas tree bulbs and use them currently as decorations. Add colored tape stripes in certain patterns or even randomly and place all of them in a big glass vase. It will be an original way to adorn any room without making it look cluttered at all.

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Thankfully, there are lots of ideas to help you when wanting to redecorate easily with whatever you have within reach around the house. And since using tape is the simplest thing in the world, you should think about incorporating some natural elements into your decor too. Around Halloween and not only, you can take huge pumpkins (filled or empty) and wrap them altogether in tape. You will be surprised to see how good they look and how interesting this type of decorating is!

Of course, these tape decorations vary from home to home, since they’re based on your creativity and unique view of the design. As a general rule, try to match the colors of the tape to those already existing in your home decor for a harmonious look. Other than that, there is virtually no restriction in redecorating some rooms and giving them an entire new look with minimum effort!

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