Creative Kids Room Designs

Creative Kids Room Designs

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If you're looking for an idea to redecorate your kids room, you've come to the right place! Get some inspiration and get to work!

Creative Kids Room Designs: Funny Bed

If you want to make a surprise to your kid, redecorate his/her room! Yes, creative kids room designs are quite hard to find, and in general interior designers’ ideas rarely match your own, so what’s to be done then? Think about some of the following creative kids room designs and get inspired for any other ideas that will fit your kid best!

One idea if your kid is passionate about pirates is to make him a pirate ship room. Although it requires some effort, it’s totally worth it! You will need some wood, to built a part of the ark. Here you can even incorporate the bed into a ship facade to save some space. If you want to take it to the extremes, you can even build a rope bridge from one corner of the room to another, which is a great idea for your kid to play.

Pop culture inspired another one of the creative kids room designs: the Narnia design. If you have another smaller room and you would like to make it a play room for your kid, you can hide the door inside a drawer. The smaller play room can be decorated just like the forest in the books/movie. You can simply paint the walls like this or you can even use real branches or plastic ones. Add a soft rug in the middle and bring all the toys in!

Get inspired from the Native Americans and build your kid his own teepee! This is one of those creative kids room designs that allows for a special space of storytelling, playing and even reading. Just install some wooden bars like you do for a tent and place a sheet above, nothing complicated! Fill it with cushions and blankets and let your kid have a great time there!

Spaceship design. Lots of kids are crazy about spaceships and cosmic stuff, so why not take advantage of this? You can use a control board with lots of buttons or you can even craft one yourself. Collect buttons from TV remotes or control panels that don’t work anymore and place them just like in a space station. Buy your kid an astronaut suit and fill the room with themed pictures.

Make a house in the kids room! Even though the design is not that popular, it is still one of the creative kids room designs which is loved by many kids. Simply craft a house facade and place a window next to the bed. For more kids you can even place the bunk bed inside and paint the facade just like a regular house would look.

Another great one of the creative kids room designs is the circus design. This is perhaps the easiest design to craft: simply gather as many striped materials as you can. Use the materials for curtains, sheets, pillows, cushions and anything else. Then use as many bright colors as possible. Red, yellow and blue are great options, but you can think of every combination you can! Next, place the toys¬†all around and you’re set!

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