Creative Pallets Furniture – How and What to Choose?

Creative Pallets Furniture – How and What to Choose?

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Furniture pallets are a great option for those who get tired really quickly of the arrangement in the house and prefer to make some changes every once in a while. Plus they're reusable and can be redecorated to suit your style and wishes.

Painted Pallets Table

Recently, a modern trend has gained more and more popularity among people in UAE, but also worldwide. Reusing pallets in an original way has left place for many furniture items to be done by yourself or to buy them ready-made, not to mention that it helps the environment. Creative pallets furniture is a rising trend in interior design and if you lack inspiration, check out the following examples!

Chair pallets. Probably the most popular form of reusing pallets are the chairs. They are very easy to do and easy to maintain. More than that, if you decide to change the appearance of the entire house and to redecorate, it’s very easy to paint them in a different color or add ornaments to them. Add a comfy pillow and you’re not going to need anything else! This is probably the most creative pallets furniture item.

Couches from pallets. They are indeed lower than a normal couch, but an important advantage is flexibility. You can keep 1, 2 or 3 pallets around and make it taller or longer whenever you have guests around. Also, if you don’t like to keep it open, you can buy blankets or cases to cover it and to match the rest of the interior design.

Floors and walls. As hard as it may seem, wood is a very warm material, that creates a nice atmosphere around. One example of creative pallets furniture are the walls and floors. A nice wooden floor needs a little more caring and attention, but the overall effect will be much more elegant. Also, one wall covered in recycled pallets is really rustic and easy to match with the rest of the furniture.

Coffee table. Probably the easiest creative pallets furniture item, a coffee table can combine 3 or 4 wooden pallets and it’s a cheap way to decorate your house. It’s suitable for a romantic room, for instance one that also has a fireplace, or one that is meant for relaxation, like the living room or a gaming one.

Pallets and glass. Combine wood and glass for a modern touch. Not only the glass will let in much more light, but it will harden the appearance of the room, leaving some space for adding glass decorations or even more glass furniture.

Support for your plants. If you have a garden, use the creative pallets furniture as support for the growth of your plants or as pots for bigger plants. Just because you use them in the garden, that does not mean that you cannot paint them or take care of them. Remember that wood needs care, even more when you leave it outside and it has to endure rain, winds and any other harsh conditions. Use special coating for protecting your creative pallets furniture and don’t forget to change the pallets if you see signs of deterioration on them. Some paint over the protective coat will be even more appreciated and they will maintain the beautiful and rustic appearance of your creative pallets furniture.

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