Creative Tips to Decorate Your Home With A Sharpie!

Creative Tips to Decorate Your Home With A Sharpie!

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Use a simple Sharpie and see how your interior design transforms over night!

Decorate Your Home With a Sharpie: Wallpaper

It’s not hard at all to make some pieces of furniture look totally different with minimum effort, if only you use your imagination to the fullest. For example, you can make a totally white kitchen look like a new one if you draw some polka dots on the furniture. It’s not hard at all and you can be sure everyone will notice the difference. Finish off the effect by using the Sharpie on the chairs as well to create a certain harmony in the room.

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However, if you feel more creative than simply choosing some polka dots for the furniture, you can go for more intricate patterns and drawings and even some writing! Make your old plates much more interesting by writing positive messages on them or even draw funny things: cats, dogs or food! Isn’t it easy to decorate your home with a Sharpie?

Moving on to different rooms, obviously you can use the Sharpie on other types of materials, like textiles. That means your pillows in the bedroom and the cushions in the living room can suddenly be more original and more suited to your taste. For these you can get more creative and stop using only black Sharpie. Use any colors you want and draw leaves, flowers, or simply random shapes and figures that will turn a dull pillow into a great one!

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Maybe the easiest way to decorate your home with a Sharpie is to take simple and small decorations around the house and give them a complete make-over in less than 10 minutes! Christmas globes, plain white vases, porcelains and simple glasses can be transformed with very little effort in original and creative pieces that will complement your interior design. You can integrate them in your home either by choosing the same Sharpie color as the rest of the room or by choosing one pattern to use on several items placed strategically in the house.

And for when you want to take a relaxing walk in the garden, you will want to add some decorations there too! Use decorative stones and write positive messages or ask your loved ones write them for you. Also, don’t forget to decorate your plant pots with themed drawings: plants, flowers, garden gnomes, gardening tips or tools and basically, whatever you find suitable. Decorate your home with a Sharpie in the easiest way by doodling on your rugs everywhere in the house: front door, back door, door mats, bath mats etc. Stimulate your creativity and your home will look wonderful!

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