How to Decorate Your Desk Effectively

How to Decorate Your Desk Effectively

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If you're having productivity issues due to bad organization and over decoration of your desk, it is time for you to read our article on smart decorations!

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The desk is quite an important part in our lives, especially since lots of people work online and stay hours and hours on the chair in front of a computer. This is why besides organizing it properly, it is important how you decorate it too. For this, we have gathered some tips for you to help you decide how to decorate your desk, whether at home or in the office.

One golden rule when it comes to decorating your desk is to never clutter it. As much photos or personal objects you’d like to keep on it to see at all times and to motivate you when you’re working, you might want to think that twice. It is, indeed, beautiful to keep a photo of your loved ones, for instance, to keep you going through a hard day at work, but when you have a hundred photos it’s not helpful anymore and it will distract you.

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However, you can use small things to customize your desk. For instance, a small pencil or pen that you have a received from someone you love or you have bought from a trip can make the difference and help you in making the desk look more personal. Also, try to choose objects that are useful for the desk, not only decorative, and you’ll combine both efficiency and beauty.

If you want to learn how to decorate your desk without too much fuss, you should think of using the walls. If you have the possibility, choose a colorful wallpaper. It will brighten up the atmosphere and make you more cheerful and ready to work! Also, instead of using photo frames and bulking up the desk, you can stick or hang them directly on the wall.

For those who want to keep a professional look  on their desk, you can use maps to decorate it. Choose old maps or even new ones (the more a good idea it is if you actually use them) and hang them on the walls. You can even cut them in smaller pieces and create a nice mosaic for a more original decoration, without looking too unprofessional.

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In any case, when you think about how to decorate your desk, you should never consider very bright colors. They can be really tiring for the eyes, and as much as you prefer a certain color, you should refrain from having it in your visual area all the time. The more relaxing the environment at your desk, the better it is for your health and productivity.

Last but not least, you should first organize your desk better and only then think about the decorations you are going to use on it. Many people are wondering what’s the best way when you think of how to decorate your desk, but truth is that there’s no such thing. The best way is the one that fits your personality and that does not refrain you from having 100% productivity.

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