Discover the Greatest Towels

Discover the Greatest Towels

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Bath from now one will have a taste of luxury!


Towels are an important detail in our lives because we use towels for different purposes and despite thinking they’re not so important for us, they actually have a huge importance.

The most tricky part is that we should all use high quality towels when we’re talking about bath towels because if you didn’t know until now, there are special bath towels each of them having a specific purpose.

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The Scents & Feel handmade Fouta Herringbone With Two Stripes expresses class, clean, and elegance it’s just perfect for the bathroom and for the beach being 6.5 feet long. For your kitchen try an Ariel Dearie floral arrangement towel.

What makes this towel so special is that it is the best for your hair. Designed with lightweight cotton/ linen, it is very smooth, striped side, and backed with white terry on the other side and believe me when I say that it is the most absorbent and fastest drying towel you will ever use. This home accessory was the reason why Japan has such a fine reputation for good design. You will be amazed to see that it weighs as much as a seaweed snack. So definitely this is the towel to use for your hair.



Discover the most amiable towel which is made 100% environmentally friendly and produced with organic cotton, Coyuchi’s Air Weight Bath Towel , it is something you really need in your house. It is specially designed to not accept footprints and to dry very fast in the dryer. This towel feel extremely good on your body and you will feel very spoiled.

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The next one is the towel! That towel which you will fall in love with and you’ll want to be with it forever. Frette’s Superb Bath Towel. A midweight towel which requires a single investment in your life time because this towel redefines high quality. A 100% cotton terry towel, your life will be made much more better having it. These towels are also encountered at the Carlyle, The Ritz and the Pierre.


Talking about luxurious towels the next brand will really impress you. The Restoration Hardware’s 802 Gram Turkish Bath Towel, is magic and simply magic. It is a glamorous towel which you’ll want to sleep on, eat next to it, and take walks with it. This is a dream towel which you extremely need in your house.


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So dear readers, you must take into consideration that there are specific towel for everything in the house. I will come back with some information about kitchen towel. Have a nice day shopping towels!


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