Are You a Dreamer? Indie Style Home Decor Is for You!

Are You a Dreamer? Indie Style Home Decor Is for You!

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For the dreamer and the bohemian in you, choose to decorate your home in an indie style! See here how!

Indie Style Home Decor: Magic Atmosphere

Indie style home decor is for people who know how to live and how to have fun. It’s for dreamers, for those who love and those who are brave enough not to let go even in the hardest of times. It’s not like any other style you have seen before. And if you don’t believe us, just stay around to find out what are its principles and what does represent.

Indie style has its roots in many other types of interior designs. And perhaps this is the most wonderful aspect about it: you can combine various elements that belong to different styles and still have a great design! When redecorating, indie style home decor is one of the easiest styles you can obtain with minimum effort. But coming down to more concrete stuff, indie style home decor is based on color. Yes, that’s as easy as you can imagine!

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Here you have total freedom to combine and mix and match any colors you want. Although the final result needs to be a little bit bohemian to fulfill completely the characteristics of indie style home decor, there are no strict rules when it comes to this. You can take furniture items from different sets and place them with no worries in the same room for more contrast. Choose crazy patterns, crazy colors and exotic decorations for a full-in indie style home decor.

However, there are some general guidelines that can help you obtain that specific atmosphere of this style and they basically show you how you can build a dreamy air around the room. Generally speaking, pale blue is one of the most popular colors in this type of interior design, mainly because it evokes the principles of this style, vacation, seaside, waves and freedom. Nonetheless, you will still find colors like red, green, purple or brown, even in bright shades in a indie home.

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Decorations are very important in the indie style home decor. Even more than the actual wallpapers or furniture, some might say. And that’s because the atmosphere lies in small details around the room. Holiday photos, figurines, seashells, rope, curtains and Christmas lights are great ideas to create a bohemian look in a room. Use your seaside pictures, the seashells you’re storing away in a jar, pirate rope, hanging curtains in different colors and dust off the Christmas lights you keep there for the rest of the year.

What’s even more important than what you’re actually using to create an indie style home decor is the way you use them. Don’t be afraid to use your creativity to the fullest! Combine differently textured curtains on the windows and around the bed, mix and match bed sheets, glue seashells on the walls or on furniture items all over the room or do any crazy thing that crosses your mind! There are virtually no limits when it comes to customizing an indie style home decor to suit your own taste and the rules of your own home design.

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