Eclectic Home Decor Tips and Tricks

Eclectic Home Decor Tips and Tricks

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Eclectic style is all about originality and creative combinations between various elements. Dare to try it!

Eclectic Home Decor: White Design

One of the best parts when designing your own home decor is that you can use your creativity to the fullest. And one of the best styles that requires a lot of imagination and creativity is the eclectic home decor. Basically, eclectic means combining elements from different interior design styles in such a way so as to create a harmonious decor. It might seem hard when you read about it, but let us show you how easy it is to create an eclectic home decor!
You should start by choosing the exact styles you want to reproduce in your home. For instance, vintage and Mediterranean styles go perfectly together. You can combine marine themed decorative objects, like sea shells, ropes or blue colored items, with rusty-looking fixtures and reddish metallic touches. The cold blue atmosphere can blend smoothly with the rusty vintage aspect.

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Another important tip when designing an eclectic home decor is to find similar colors. Even though the objects certainly belong to different styles, finding matching colors can help in combining a harmonious decor. For example, you can choose gold as the main color in the room. To this one you can add variations, like dark yellow, bronze, warm browns and so on.
Complementary colors are also important when it comes to eclectic home decor. As we already said, you can use colors as tools to create harmony throughout the different styles of the furniture items or the decorations in the room. What can an elegant cushion and a modern couch have in common? Red color, for instance! And you can complement it with a green touch on other decorations in the room.
Textures are another easy trick into creating an eclectic home decor. Choose a common texture for several items in the room for a more homogeneous design. If you want to decorate a living room, let’s say, you can go for elegant and smooth textures. As such, a leather couch can combine very well with silk or satin curtains. Or on the contrary, if you choose this style for a bedroom, fluffy rugs can be matched with puffy cushions.

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Think of using art as a common point for the eclectic home decor. One same author or style placed throughout the room or even the entire home offer some sort of authenticity and harmony to the entire interior design. But you don’t have to limit yourself only to paintings, you can also use sculptures or simple drawings.
Last but not least, remember that the best characteristic of the eclectic home decor is the originality. Since it’s created according to your own taste, there cannot be two identical eclectic styles, and you can always use this to your advantage. Remember to keep a common element in the room or in the entire house so as not to make the design look scattered and not homogeneous, and for this you can rely on colors or textures to do the trick for you.

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