Exotic African Home Decor Ideas

Exotic African Home Decor Ideas

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African home decor is unfortunately often overlooked, although it has a special and mysterious beauty.

African Home Decor: Modern African Design

It’s weird how often such an interesting design like the African home decor is overlooked. Usually people tend to decorate their homes according to the area in which they live, but you have to admit that sometimes a change is more than welcome. Let’s see how you can easily obtain an African home decor right into your own home!

One of the basic models of African home decor is nature. Since the African civilization has tight connections with nature, it is easy to understand why when decorating their homes, people still choose to get their inspiration from there. Therefore, if you follow this concept, it should be pretty easy to have your own African home decor. But what does inspiring from nature mean?

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Decorations are extremely important when recreating such a design. Natural elements like wood and cotton are preferred, although you can incorporate some modern-looking furniture items inĀ  the room too. Choose animal print decorations, curtains, rugs and cushions! Especially if you’re using rugs, there is a variety of animal-like or fur-like ones which you can totally buy for this purpose. Also, you can use wooden and painted stools to make it look like you’re in a jungle or savannah, if you’re creative enough.

The colors used in the African home decor are also essential. Warm tones of browns, yellows and variations are recommended, because after all, Africa is a warm continent. You can use white shades if you want to vary the color scheme in the room. And since we were talking about natural inspiration, you can go for shades of green too, although green looks fresh and live and it might ruin the mysterious and elegant aspect of the African design.

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Flowers and plants are another tip that can help you recreate the African atmosphere in your own home. Use dried flowers or leaves and place them in vases in warm colors around the room. Green plants are welcomed too, just like brightly colored flowers. Don’t be afraid to go for yellow or red big flowers, since the African continent has enough of them. If you don’t want to use them, or don’t have where to get them, you can make a replacement and simply draw flowers, zebras, trees on the walls, especially if you want to decorate your kids’ room in such a manner.

Finally, remember to choose furniture that has pretty much round edges. Square ones are more aggressive and don’t continue the idea of a warm and relaxing design, and you should respect this principle if you want to obtain a harmonious African home decor. Other than that, feel free to use decorations like colorful rocks, rock arrangements in flower pots, seashells if you have or any other natural elements you can think of. Bamboo is a great tip for integrating the natural elements into a comfortable and relaxing home decor, without distracting the attention from the main principle. Make sure that the lighting maintains a mysterious aspect and place it strategically in the room!

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