Fabulous Kitchen Designs to Inspire You

Fabulous Kitchen Designs to Inspire You

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If you feel uninspired in decorating your kitchen, have a look at these fabulous kitchen designs and use the following tips!

Kitchen Designs: Round Ceiling

The kitchen is a very important part of our homes. We spend there quite a lot of time, so its design is very important, not to mention about the practical aspect. However, imagining one of the most fabulous kitchen designs is not that easy. It’s not only about choosing some colors and furniture, it’s about doing all this while maintaining the functional parts of the kitchen. Have a look at the following fabulous kitchen designs ideas and see which ones are suitable for your own home!

One of the greatest kitchen design ideas is having a round table. No, not the kind of round table that you see in the movies, but something more like a bar. Place a smaller round table in the middle and surround it with a bar. This way, if you feel up for a drink, you can just use the bar, but when you want to serve a full dinner, you can use the table in the middle. This is a great idea not only because of the design, but also because it allows for countless drawers and shelves hidden under the bar.

Use stainless steel counter tops and elements. Not only they help in creating a great minimalist and modern design, but they’re also very practical. You can cut directly on them, without using a cutting board anymore, and you can simply wipe them fast after you’re done. Plus they have a great resistance to shocks or scratches.

Shiny surfaces are very trendy this season in interior design, so take them into consideration. They make some fabulous kitchen designs and their best quality is that they reflect light very well. You can use them for small spaces where you don’t have many sources of light in order to create a well lit kitchen.

Choose white as a color base. Most fabulous kitchen designs have white as a base color. You can have the walls, floors and the chairs white, for instance, and then add colored elements: the rest of the furniture, drawers, shelves and any other details that might complete this great design. Also, you can use kitchen towels or vases as colored points of attraction in the design.

For one of the most fabulous kitchen designs you can go for an elegant-themed one. If you use an elegant chandelier in the living room, why not use one in the kitchen too? You don’t even have to change the entire furniture for this, you can simply continue the design in neutral elegant colors like beige or golden touches, and that’s it!

Fresh colors are a great idea for a wonderful kitchen design. Lemon yellow or bright green are beautiful¬† touches for a airy, well lit kitchen that keeps a fresh and clean atmosphere around. Add some blue if you’re not happy with only one color added to the base one and have more freedom to choose the details of the rest of the design. Regardless of the option you choose for your kitchen, enjoy a beautiful kitchen that will make you feel comfortable in your own home!

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