Fifty Shades of Grey Decor Ideas for Fans

Fifty Shades of Grey Decor Ideas for Fans

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Whether you're a fan of "Fifty Shades of Grey" or not, you should totally see what kind of furniture fits the idea of the book and film and get inspired for your own home design!

Fifty Shades of Grey Decor: Movie Caption Living Room

Many people read the “Fifty Shades of Grey” books and saw the movie, but not many have noticed the decor used. For those of you who weren’t too busy focusing on the action and still spent some time admiring the interior decor, you should have a look at the Fifty Shades of Grey decor ideas below!

Mr. Grey, the man who drove millions of women crazy around the world, lives in a dominant and rich environment. And how can his home not reflect his superior attitude and his style? Metallic accents and geometrical shapes are the rule when it comes to Fifty Shades of Grey decor.

We can see that, according to the title and the character’s name, his apartment has a mainly neutral color scheme and that includes both furniture items and decorations. The furniture items used and exclusive and of course, limited edition, suitable for Christian Grey’s status. The partner brands that supplied the interior decor for the movie were Boca Do Lobo, Delightfull, Brabbu and Koket, so if you want to inspire yourself from this movie when you decorate your house, those are the places where you should go.

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But the sexual tension is not suggested only through the exclusiveness of the furniture in Fifty Shades of Grey decor. Lighting is also a very important element when choosing to set a certain atmosphere. The metallic elements are also present here, like copper-finished brass arcs and lacquered aluminum shade used for the Turner table lamp. Another table lamp that can be noticed in the Fifty Shades of Grey decor is a brass and steel tubes one and if you pay attention you can even notice one that resembles a coiled gold ribbon.

Brass is an often found element in this interesting and sexy design. It inspires power and sensuality, and therefore we find it even on the storage items in the apartment. There, we can see a brass trunk from Boca Do Lobo and an armoire from Koket that have brass decorations and even one touch of elegance, gold leaf detailing. Also, the producers used a hand-carved faceted sideboard made also by Boca Do Lobo, which has a stylish amethyst added. Still think Fifty Shades of Grey decor is not about class?

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But the passion and style don’t stop here. A trained eye in interior decor will certainly see the Burlesque console that makes you think about the cabaret French girls. And what gives you this idea? The top made of black cobra skin. Classy, huh? And last but not least, the warm, organic wood used for the table where the two can enjoy some cocktails adds a personal touch to a metallic and elegant room. Of course, walnut wood is always a great choice when you want to make a room warmer and counterbalance the metallic and industrial touches.

In what concerns the seating, lace is an element that could not miss, and those who have read the book know what we’re talking about! The straight lace on the sofas and chairs will nicely finish off the principle by which the entire design has been built.

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