Fruits Deserve an innovative Fruit Bowl

Fruits Deserve an innovative Fruit Bowl

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Any modern house deserves a beautiful innovative fruit bowl!

Fruits are an important element in our lives not only because they are a surplus of energy and vitamins but they also look very good in any room you would place the fruit bowl and because of this you should play a little bit with the design of the room you choose to put the fruit bowl and opt forĀ an innovative fruit bowl which will only make the room brighter and more modern.

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Choose any fruits you like and then search for the most creative fruit bowl you can get, of course choose one that represents you. Let’s take a loot at some innovative unusual fruit bowls.

I love this one which look like a fan and permits you to make it smaller in case you don’t have any fruits. It was designed by Leijh Basten, a young Dutch designer in Bleijh Concept & Design who wanted to create something unique and multi effective. I personally love it and I know it would look lovely in any kitchen.

fruit bowl home caprice

We are continuing in the minimalist modern touch with a simple bowl which can give the impression you have a different one any time you want depending on how you would like to position it. Perfect for a living room too.

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fruit bowls home caprice

A very useful and space saver is the next fruit bowl which can be also used for vegetables. It looks very interesting and beautifies any kitchen. A very practical helper.

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fruit or vegetable bowl home caprice

Accessorize your living room in such a way people will be amazed and you will feel grateful every time you enter on it. The next fruit bowl is something I’ve never seen and I think it’s spectacular. Any living room would be happy to have this fruit bowl.

living room fruit bowl home caprice

Opulent extravagant living rooms or dining rooms have place for their fruit bowl too you only have to choose the most impressive one that matches perfectly with the decorations.

fruit bowl opulent home caprice

Elegance is best emphasized in simplicity and good taste so you don’t have to over react with its craziness. Go simple and you won’t fail.

simple fruit bowl home caprice

I also like those fruit bowls which express femininity and class. They are such a beautiful accessory for any room in the house. They are simply lovely and fancy.

fruit-bowl home caprice


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