Funny Door Knobs That Will Brighten Up Your Home

Funny Door Knobs That Will Brighten Up Your Home

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Change your interior design with a thing as simple and small as a door knob!

Funny Door Knobs: Comics Inspiration

Door knobs are an element often overlooked when it comes to interior design. Unfortunately, many people forget that such a common element in the house can help in reinforcing a certain atmosphere and a certain idea of the design. Funny door knobs are great to brighten up a room, so check out these great ideas!

Usually most people choose round door knobs, which is great because it gives a greater freedom to customize it or to choose funny designs. One of the simplest ways to customize and create yourself funny door knobs is to paint them. Choose contrasting colors, for instance on a white door knob you can paint red patterns: leaves, flowers or even significant words and drawings. Use stencils or printed shapes to help you paint exactly the areas you want.

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Extensions for door knobs are a great way of making them look funnier and much more interesting. There are lots of funny door knobs on the market with little hands coming out of them, for instance, that can make every door have more personality. This is a good idea especially for kids room. With a clever design and arrangement you can mask a safety lock on the door and make your kids more enthusiastic about the decor of their own room. More than that, you can even ask them to choose the design of door knobs all around the house or have them decorate themselves the doors.

Intricate patterns are another way to decorate your door knobs in a funny manner. Choose a leafy pattern if you want them to look vintage or to give an ancient air to your decor. It’s a good idea to use this suggestion for the bathroom door, where you can complete the vintage interior design with bronze or colored metallic fixtures.

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Another trend for unusual and funny door knobs is the translucent one. Apparently they seem to be made of glass, but it can also be replaced with plastic or Plexiglas for safety reasons. Here you have the freedom of playing around with colors: choose red, green, translucent or black glass for the door knob to match the rest of the color scheme for that room. The most popular ones are angular, but you can also find regular spheres that resemble light bulbs and that look much more interesting than dull door knobs.

Last but not least, perhaps the most important principle when deciding to have funny door knobs in your home is to consider the rest of the design. Make sure that your interior design allows for such crazy door knobs and let your creativity fly! According to the rest of the design, you can make girly door knobs for feminine designs, vintage ones for romantic and delicate designs, cartoon-like ones for kids rooms or food-themed ones for the kitchen. Regardless of your choice, funny door knobs are a great way of embellishing your home and bringing something new to your old interior design.

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