Glass Floors – Yes or No?

Glass Floors – Yes or No?

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Many people choose to use glass floors in their home because they are trendy, modern and make for a unique design!

Glass Floors: Rustic Design

Glass floors are a controversial topic in the world of interior design. Some people invoke the practical reasons and think about the fact that glass is, generally, not a resistant material and it can break very easily. Others say that they are very original and classy, plus they help in maximizing the use of natural light that flows in your home. But what’s the truth about glass floors?

Well, one important point about glass floors is that the material they’re made of is the one that really counts. Yes, you’ll say it’s glass anyway and glass can break really easily, but things are not just like that. Indeed glass is a sensitive material, but recent technology allows for glass combined with resistant plastic materials that strengthen it and make it less responsive to shocks or temperatures. There are several types of glass out there, similar to the Plexiglas, that can make for a great transparent floor!

If we’re talking about glass floors from an interior design perspective, we have to admit they are great! They are original, unique and bring a very modern touch to the trends in interior design. More than that, even though it would seem that they find their place only in modern designs, they can be nicely integrated into vintage decors or even rustic ones. It all depends on your imagination!

Don’t forget about the practical advantages of glass floors either! It’s extremely easy to clean a glass floor, just sweep a broom or a soft wet towel on it and the floor is as good as new. However, be careful not to scratch it, because for sure you don’t want to change an entire floor for one small scratch, but it will definitely annoy you to know that it’s there!

As we said, another practical advantage of glass floors is the fact that they help in directing light around the house. if you have a skylight in your attic, for instance, a floor glass can let the light flow to the lower floors too. Therefore, you will take advantage of natural light as much as possible. If you’re worried, however, that glass floors might affect your privacy and the people in other rooms can watch you at any time, you might want to know that there’s a solution for that too. There are matte glass floors on the market that don’t let you see what’s happening under your floor. Great idea, right?

If you choose to use such an interesting floor for your home, remember to take all the safety measures you need and don’t hesitate to call a specialist if you need any kind of help. You can also consult an interior designer that can make useful and important suggestions about changing and embellishing the rest of the house according to this new change in your floors. And since you’re changing the floors, wouldn’t it be a nice idea to reconsider decorating the house again?

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