Greek Bedroom Decor Ideas

Greek Bedroom Decor Ideas

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Greek style is a wonderful type of decor that will make your bedroom feel like a vacation!

Greek Bedroom: Light Colors

Greek style is definitely one of the most stylish and relaxed one. It reminds you of holidays and it helps your mind and eyes relax. But what makes it so popular and fun? Let’s see a short guide on how to obtain a special Greek bedroom!

1. Choose light colors. Perhaps the most representative colors for a Greek room are white and blue. Any combination between the two of them is guaranteed to complete such a design and to make everything look more relaxed. However, this doesn’t mean you can limit yourself only to these two options. White can, of course, be combined with almost anything, but what can you replace blue with? Technically, with anything else, but it is recommended to go for pastel colors: pale pink, purple, peach etc.

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2. Light materials. Apparently the keyword when it comes to Greek bedroom decor is light, so you will also need to choose appropriate materials. Although heavy furniture is accepted and can be easily integrated in such a beautiful bedroom, it is recommended to choose lightweight one, since it will fit better the entire concept of relaxation and airy atmosphere. And since we’re talking about this, make sure the bed sheets are the best quality, to transform your bedroom into a great room!

Greek Bedroom: Canopy

3. Elegant decorations. Even though this style may seem not serious at all, if you want a good result, you should totally follow some rules when it comes to decorating it. Greek bedroom decor is not only about the sun, sea and summer, but it is also an elegant way to create an interior design. Don’t be afraid to use intricate patterns and adornments. And since we’re talking about this, a great idea to use for your Greek bedroom is to use a canopy. Of course, it’s not compulsory, but it recreates better this Mediterranean atmosphere.

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4. Natural light. Greeks usually have large windows in their homes, and for a good reason: it has been scientifically proven that natural light is the best for your health. And even if it may not seem much of a deal for an interior decor, you should know that light may enhance some parts of your design and hide those that you don’t like. More than that, colors can be seen better like this, compared to artificial light.

 Greek Bedroom: Light Design

5. Marine accents. Since this style is a Mediterranean one, one easy way to complete your bedroom and maintain a harmonious design is to use marine accents. And by this we mean anything connected to the sea: you can buy thematic decorations such as marine pillows, cushions, rugs, anchor patterns, sea shells, sand bottles and so on. More than that, you can use your own souvenirs from sea holidays, and that includes pictures, marine jewelry, special frames for paintings or your own pictures, garlands and anything you can think of.

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 Greek Bedroom: Natural Light


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