Green Living Room Ideas

Green Living Room Ideas

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Learn how to combine green so as to obtain a perfectly balanced interior decor for your own living room.

Green Living Room Ideas: Green Couch

Although green is not such a popular color when it comes to decorating living rooms, it remains one of the most beautiful colors to choose for your home. It is bright, fresh and it is easy to combine with plenty other colors and hues. But let’s see some green living room ideas to help you decorate your home!

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1. Green can be used in a variety of shades and tones. Many people choose not to use green because it’s generally a bright color and it tends to be very tiring for the eyes. But there are also lots of shades that are gentle and very relaxing in fact. You just have to look for the one you like most and when you’ll find it, you’ll know!

2. Combine several shades! Just because your color scheme includes two colors, that doesn’t mean you can’t vary them. Mark the entire decor here and there with brighter hints, for instance, if you have a dark green decor overall, you can use small touches of fresh bright shades like cushions, rugs or vases. They will fit perfectly in the general decor and will make the room look more relaxed.

3. Focus on some objects that are green. One of the wisest green living room ideas is not to use green wherever you see possible. Some people simply choose one or two items in the room to be a daring shade of green. One example would be to choose only the couch and the armchairs green and the rest of the room white or black.

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4. Choose one wall. An elegant and classy option is to paint just one wall green. It doesn’t make the room look heavy, nor the design will look exclusively green, allowing you to further use your imagination and introduce many more colors to the design. You can play around with the decorations and switch the colors. For instance, on the green wall you can hang black or white paintings (or whatever your other preferred colors are), while on the rest of the walls you can complete the decor with green touches.

5. Use plants! Plants are green and so is your living room, so one of the brightest green living room ideas is to use plants as decorations. Use more than you would normally if you want to underline the presence of this color in the room, and remember to take great care of them. Make sure the environment is appropriate for them, otherwise they will lose their beautiful healthy color.

6. Match stripes and patterns. Even if you don’t want solid green for your interior decor, you can still play around with it by matching stripes and patterns. Choose polka dot green cushions, for instance, and match to it a striped green and white rug. Similarly, change the curtains or decorate them with green butterflies, flowers or whatever crazy ideas you have! What’s important is to let your imagination free and to obtain a beautiful customized result!

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