Guaranteed Recipe for a Gothic Design

Guaranteed Recipe for a Gothic Design

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Even though many people reject Gothic design because of its ominous look, there are some who can still see the beauty and elegance in it.

Gothic Design: Burgundy Red Design

Although gothic design is not so popular, it is precisely this exclusivist character that makes many people choose it for their living rooms and, why not, even bedrooms. And even if people have misjudged this style, you have to know it’s a mysterious and, why not, even a romantic way to decorate a room. Read on and you’ll see how easy it is to create your own gothic design for a very interesting room!

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Of course, confirming some of the already known traits of the gothic design, black is the main color. And you can use lots of it without fear of ruining any harmony of the style. Very rarely is there found any other main color than black, like dark brown, very dark blue or similar colors. Subsequently, the rest of the colors in the room have to be quite dark, and so you can choose burgundy, marsala (the color of the year), and generally any color as long as it’s in dark shades and hues. Remember to avoid bright colors as much as you’d want to, although you can throw in some white to counterbalance the heavy effect of the gothic design.

One important element when creating a gothic design is the chandelier. It’s the part the offers most elegance and makes a gothic room truly impressive. Although it’s recommended to choose a glass and crystal one, you can certainly use your imagination and go for other versions (like wrought iron ones), but you should make sure that it continues the main idea of the entire design. Since this will brighten up the room (both chromatically and physically), you should make sure that it has a beautiful design that matches the rest of the interior decor you have chosen for your home.

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And since we’re speaking about the chandelier, there are some things you might want to find out about the lighting. Of course, the lighting should be as dim as possible to maintain the gothic appearance. For this, you can use dark colored lampshades for a special atmosphere. Also, you can use a common element like small canopies placed all around the room, which includes also the lamps, so that everything will stick to the main idea of the decor.

In a gothic design, furniture needs to be also dark and heavy. So stop thinking about IKEA products, unless you plan to paint them dark brown or black by yourself. Choose massive wooden furniture, big tables and black comfy sofas. To all these, match point and overly adorned decorations. You can choose the decorations for the furniture (closets with flowery designs on them, for instance) or you can pick sheets or rugs with intricate patterns on them. Either way, the golden rule is to be as much adorned as possible, so as to continue the idea of the design. If you respect the main ideas of the design, you should totally be able to obtain a great gothic design for any room (or all the rooms) in your home!

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