Guest Room Design Ideas

Guest Room Design Ideas

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Respect and delight your guests with an amazing decor in the room you designed for them !

The guest room is not usually very important, and many people overlook it when thinking about a special design. However, for your guests the design and most of all the utility can prove to be really important, whether they spend just one night or a week at your place. Let’s see some important ideas about the guest room design and what to keep in mind when imagining the decor.

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1. Have the utility aspect in mind. Ideally, the guest room should have its own bathroom. However, if that’s not possible, you should at least include a sanitary place. It would be much more comfortable for the guest to have everything they need within their reach instead of looking for a bathroom in the middle of the night all throughout your home. Make the design include at least a sink and a mirror in a corner, if more is not possible.

Guest Room Design: Comfortable Bed

2. Make the room comfortable. Since this is not a room designed for fun or for leisure, the decor should be relaxing and comfortable. Your guest should be able to rest properly there, so don’t neglect the quality of the furniture just because it’s used more rarely than the rest of the rooms. Choose a good bed and mattress and comfortable pillows and cushions.

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3. Keep it simple. Precisely the fact that it’s rarely used allows you to use a simple decor for a guest room design. It’s enough to choose two colors and mix them up for a basic palette. Other than that, if you lack inspiration or want something that can work with any type of furniture or that can be easily changed, a black and white decor will do just fine. For an extra effect, just add colored points of attraction here and there, like cushions, rugs or vases, frames etc.

Guest Room Design: Large Room

4. Decorations. As we said, if you want to bring a little bit of color into your guest room design, you can use decorations for that. Other than that, decorations can bring a different style into the room. For instance, if the entire decor is plain and simple, a postmodern or surrealist work of art will surely be the original element in there. Alternatively, paintings or sculptures are a great idea for imprinting a certain era on your design.

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5. Leisure activities. Remember that your guest may not know all the “secret” corners in your home, and if they have some free time they might not know what to do. That’s why a great guest room design should include at least a few books or some available magazines nearby. It won’t take up much space in the room and it might be really appreciated by your guests. Other suggestions could be movies, games or a PC, if the guest will need to work, for instance, or just surf the web.

Guest Room Design: Colorful Decorations


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