Hallway Decorating Ideas to Help You Out

Hallway Decorating Ideas to Help You Out

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Though the hallway is sometimes overlooked when it comes to interior design, it's important to think about it too! See here useful ideas!

Hallway Decoration Ideas: Colorful Decor

One part of the home that is often forgotten or neglected when it comes to decorating is the hallway. Even though for you it might not be that important for you, it’s the first thing someone who comes into your home sees. so you might want to give more thought about it. That’s why we compiled a list of interesting hallway decorating ideas:

1. Use plants. Plants are a great way of decorating your hallway, and also a healthy one. Choose your favorite pot plants or the most beautiful flowers and make sure they have the proper conditions to grow nicely. Make sure you take good care of them, because nobody wants a hallway full of ugly or dried plants. More than that, you can choose some flowers with colors that match the rest of the design or that complement it.

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2. Paintings. Paintings or pictures are great options when it comes to hallway decorating ideas. Most people prefer to put pictures or paintings of the family in the hallway, but you can also create a thematic selection, such as a series of seaside or mountainside pictures from your travels. Also, you can choose the colors in the pictures: for instance, if you have blue walls, you can only choose pictures with the sea to match them.

3. Art. Of course, art is not only represented by paintings, but also by sculptures and the like. Small or tall sculptures are more than welcomed, especially if the place is quite small and doesn’t allow for complicated decorations. If the statues (or statuettes) are modern, even better, since you can buy some that are brightly colored and so add up to the existing design. It is very important to take into the account the rest of the design before buying or deciding on certain decorations, so as not to spoil the main principle of the decor.

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4. Mirrors. Although this is quite a popular option, you have to know that you can play along with other hallway decorating ideas. For instance, you can combine mirrors and plants. Alternatively, if you decide to use a mirror, you can think about using several. Choosing several small mirrors and arranging them in a creative manner on the walls creates a much more impressive effect than choosing only a big one. Of course, the final result also depends on the frames you choose for them. Go for intricate ones for a special decor or simply don’t use frames at all, making it look more natural.

5. Paper Decorations. If you’re feeling crafty, you can go for things you make yourself. Paper decorations are a great option for hallway decorating ideas. They’re really creative and flexible and if you get bored you can quickly change them. More than that, there’s a very vast array of ideas for this type: large, small, colored or not, flowers, geometrical patterns, birds and basically anything you can think of, as long as you can do it yourself!

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