Have Fun in your own Game Room

Have Fun in your own Game Room

Have fun in your own game room!

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A house without a game room is not a complete house. Having a game room is the best way to have a phenomenal time with your family or friends having everything you need just next to you.

In order to have a spectacular game room you need to follow some easy steps for an extraordinary result. A perfect game room set must have a balance between comfort and technology that makes casual playing in a fantastic game session which will satisfy you completely. 

Step one and the most important one is to Find a room for your future favorite  place. It might look difficult at the first glance because maybe you use the empty rooms for storage but I think it’s more fun to find another place for storage and start transforming that room in a fabulous game room. But in case it’s impossible, take a look at your basement, you can really make it interesting.

Than the best part comes when you choose what technology to use. I recommend  you an Adjustable and Configurable TV Stand – EXPEDIT TV Stand + Uppleva Wall Bracket – IKEA than you need a console or consoles. Analyse the room you’ve chose for entertainment and see where would be the perfect spot for them.


You need furniture! Choose the best one that it’s in tone with what you  desire and make sure it will make your mood happy. Search for a larger sofa for you and your friends, comfortable armchairs that makes you feel relaxed and ready for action. I would install a mini-bar too, while you’re having fun you can prepare some delicious cocktails and put some sugar on your day.


It would be wise to search for a cable organizer like a cable box because you don’t want to trip on cables and fall.


Make sure you have organised everything in your head and you have enough space for what you want to create.

“Keep in mind that most game tables need anywhere from 3-5 feet of additional space around them, otherwise they can overwhelm a small basement,” says interior designer Letitia Holloway of Myers Design.

If you wish for a game table assure your space and don’t forget that you need some space for moving too so don’t over crowd the room you want to constantly feel free to move and breathe.


Lighting is the most important detail in this room. You must have a high quality lighting for making the right moves on game boards. Make sure that the table is under the glows of a lighter.


For fairness and even more fun add a scoreboard which will help you remind who’s winning. Make sure you are the one that does this.


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