Do It Yourself Home Accessories – Use Your Creativity!

Do It Yourself Home Accessories – Use Your Creativity!

If you're the original type who doesn't want to decorate his/her own with the same commercial accessories, do it yourself home accessories are the solution!

Do It Yourself Home Accessories: Wall Decorations

Nothing brings a more personal touch to your home more than do it yourself home accessories. Even though it might sound like you need to do a lot of work and to stress out for this, you will be surprised to find out how easy it is to craft your own home accessories. And the best part is that you can easily integrate them into your existing design or change it by bringing new touches.

One great idea to do if you’re a creative person and don’t want to spend money on commercial home accessories is doing your own artwork. Instead of buying kitsch paintings or pictures to hang on the walls, you can draw yourself some beautiful landscapes or even portraits of your loved ones. If you’re not that talented, you can simply choose some pictures on the Internet, print them and frame them. A good note to self is to make sure that the colors of the painting match in a way that of the wall or the rest of the design. More than that, choose the best pictures you took in your travels around the world and frame them! Not only you will have some great do it yourself home accessories, but you will also feel relaxed and happy when remembering about the holidays and travels.

Use stencils! If you’re thinking that beautiful stencils are hard to find in stores, you are very wrong! Of course you can find some patterns in stores, but if you’re not happy with them, you know the solution: do it yourself! You can simply find online patterns or simply drawings, print them, cut around them and voila, you have a stencil of your own. What you need to do next is to take some paint or a paint spray and decorate as you wish the trays, the vases or whatever you wish to, including the walls!

Create an useful and original tablet stand by repurposing an old picture frame! Use the frame to mask the actual stand for your tablet. Make sure it is thick enough not to break and it is preferable to craft it from wood similar to that of the frame. Remember the best part about do it yourself home accessories? You can customize them as you want, so if vintage wood does not really suit your interior design, go for a metallic picture frame that will bring up a modern touch.

Another idea for your do it yourself home accessories are the lampshades. Use a simple bleach pen and some brightly colored material to create nice doodles or even intricate patterns if you’re good at it! Go around the lampshade and design whatever you want. You can respect the theme of the room (for a kids room, for instance) or if you’re born an artist, you can doodle portraits and mini-landscapes on it. The alternatives are various: Choose some black paint or a lampshade made of several patches for a crazier effect!

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