Home Wall Mural Ideas and Trends

Home Wall Mural Ideas and Trends

For a special touch on your rooms, you can opt for a wonderful wall mural that will completely change the look of the entire design and will be very attractive.

Wall Mural Ideas: waves

Sometimes a simple wallpaper does not satisfy your need for a beautiful room or it happens that you can’t find the exact pattern you’re looking for. This is when you need some wall mural ideas to rethink your interior design and to embellish any dull room. Modern design is a rising trend in 2015, so modern patterns are very sought in what concerns wall mural ideas.

This is why there are a lot of urban-inspired patterns. Blocks of flats, city skylines, over-the-top views above the metropolis and many, many other have found a way into many people’s homes. Also, on the same note, there are colors that match this general principle, such as black & white templates, shades of gray, cold blues or greens and generally speaking, cold and dark shades.

On the opposite side you can find natural and vegetal themes and motifs for wall mural ideas. From motifs such as fishes, shells and marine themed patterns to vegetal wall mural ideas like leaves, flowers or even trees. A rocky pattern is nevertheless forgotten and the best part in such a design is that you can choose either a warm and welcoming pattern or a cold and tough one, depending on the atmosphere you want to create in the room.

Another direction of the wall mural ideas that is adopted by more and more people is the colorful one. Regardless of the pattern, many people look to make their room more vivid and bright, for a positive effect on their health and mood. Indeed, many scientists believe that the colors you choose for your home can really affect your mood and health on the long term.

If you’re running out of ideas on how to (re)decorate your kids room, you can always try a cosmic pattern. Some images with astronauts, planets or blue skies will prove to be very exciting for your kid and will brighten up the room instantly. Otherwise, you can always go for their favorite characters and movies, not to mention bands and artists when they are older. 3D murals are also an option that is very popular among kids and teenagers.

Of course, you can always choose one of the wall mural ideas according to your own hobbies and favorite things. If you like traveling, you can find available a number of exotic wall murals, ranging from the far-away savanna all throughout the dangerous jungle and desert. On the same topic, you can always choose a map to cover an entire wall. Moreover, you can even combine several maps and be creative about them. In this case, it is recommended to use the motif of the map in the entire room: on furniture, mugs and other decorations.

Last but not least, an easy way out of choosing one of the complex wall mural ideas is to go for a nice landscape. Who doesn’t want to get lost in the beauty of an exotic landscape, a relaxing beach image or a chilly mountain picture? Sweet dreams!

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