How to Choose Your Desk Chair

How to Choose Your Desk Chair

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If you care about your health and productivity at the desk, you should totally read our tips on how to choose your desk chair!

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The desk chair may not be such a challenge from the point of view of the design, but it’s definitely an important decision when it comes to your health and other practical aspects. Don’t make the mistake many people do: they just choose whatever chair they like in the store, totally neglecting other properties they should look for when making this decision. That’s why we come to your help today with some advice on how to choose your desk chair!

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1. Height. Height can be very important for the comfort of your chair and furthermore for your productivity. Make sure you adjust the height according to your own and to the desk. If it’s not properly adjusted, your position might be incorrect and could affect your health. Not only your spine could be affected, but also the eyes and you could suffer from a number of other affections you have never thought of.

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2. Back support. You lower back region needs the same support as the rest of the body, so make sure it has an ergonomic construction. Choose your desk chair to match the shape of your back or at least to be adjustable to it. Also, for extra comfort you should be able to lean on your back whenever you want to take a break from work and relax. If you are not sure what rules you should follow, it’s best to ask a specialist doctor to advise you for that.

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3. Massage function. If you already suffer from back problems, and even if you’re not, you should consider the option of buying a chair with incorporated massage. It is extremely relaxing and healthy and it can even improve your productivity. The effect is not only felt in the back, but your entire body will be relaxed. More than that, your mindset will be more positive, especially if you take into account the long term effects.

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4. Material. Choose as much as possible natural materials that allow your skin to breathe. Artificial materials are not at all healthy for you and can even create the proper environment for the development of bacteria and other unpleasant issues might appear. More than that, it has to be soft so that you can sink in it for extra comfort. For people who have back issues, solid chairs might be recommended, but for this you will need to ask the opinion of a specialist.

5. Colors. Last but not least, colors are also important if you want to match it to the rest of the design in your room. Most people usually go for black, since it’s the easiest option to match to virtually any kind of decor, but if you want to be a little creative, you can go for actual colors. There are lots of options on the market if you want to choose your desk chair, from bright red to pink and so on. Even if you don’t find your favorite color, you can use a special covering to decorate it. 3-desks

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