How to Take Care of Wooden Furniture

How to Take Care of Wooden Furniture

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Wooden furniture can really be a delight for your eyes, but do you know how to take care of it?

Wooden furniture is perhaps the most widely used type of furniture worldwide. Of course, there are finer types of wood and less fine ones, depending on what style and what design every house has. However, wooden furniture is one of the best ideas to have, since it lasts a lifetime and even more, so see here how to take care of wooden furniture!

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1. Dust them as often as possible. Dusting can do no harm to the furniture, and it’s very benefic since it removes the bacteria or other mites that might be living on the surface of your furniture. There may also be airborne deposits there than can really affect your health, plus the dust is not healthy at all, so dust as often as you can! Pro tip: if you use a cloth for removing dust and want to avoid the dust getting back on the furniture after you clean it up, pour a few drops of water on the cloth!

Take Care of Wooden Furniture: Elegant Design

2. Don’t use water. Water is never a good idea to use when cleaning your furniture, so consider the alternatives. If your furniture has a plastic coating, you can use a universal cleaning spray, but if not, it’s not recommended to resort to that. If there are sticky spots, you can use a cloth slightly dampened with soap and water, but use a soft clean cloth immediately after that so as not to deteriorate the furniture item.

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3. Homemade recipes. There are also some homemade recipes that can help you take care of wooden furniture. One such idea is to mix together equal parts of strained lemon juice, denatured alcohol, olive oil and gum turpentine. This will nourish and protect the wood and it will even bring back to life old wood furniture!

Take Care of Wooden Furniture: Wood Maintenance

4. Take it outside! Sometimes furniture items get a weird smell from staying indoors, especially in room which are not well ventilated. Just take it outside for a day and let it breathe! However, make sure the ground is dry and that it doesn’t stay in direct sunlight, since this may definitely affect its color and resistance.

5. Use paste wax. Although this is an essential step for a good-looking furniture, many people forget it when they take care of wooden furniture. Paste wax help in filling up scratches, giving back that beautiful shine furniture has and protecting the item, conserving it in a good state. However, it is quite difficult to apply this paste on your own, especially if you’re not familiar with the procedure, so it would be better to ask for the opinion of a specialist before applying any treatment to your furniture.

Take Care of Wooden Furniture: Exquisite Bedroom

6. Keep it away from heat. Vents, ovens, direct sunlight near the window, all this can prove to be quite damaging for your furniture, so careful with where you place the furniture. Choose a cooler place, preferably in a corner, but with enough space for air to circulate a little bit around it.

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