Icelandic Home Decor Ideas

Icelandic Home Decor Ideas

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Although the Icelandic home decor is not very popular, it's a great cold interior design, suitable for more impersonal rooms.

Icelandic Home Decor: Comfortable Living Room

The interior decor specific to a certain area has developed throughout the years under the influence of lots of factors. The climate and the place can affect greatly the trends and the bases of a certain home design, and this is the case with the Icelandic home decor too. Almost all the traits of such a design can be explained if we think about the natural environment in this area. If you don’t believe us, come with us on a short trip throughout the Icelandic home decor!

The first thing someone notices when looking at an Icelandic home decor is the fact that the colors are very light. White is the most popular color, together with elegant hues of beige, light browns, cream or pale yellows. Perhaps the cold weather is the one that triggered such a trend in this area, we can’t be sure, but what’s certain is that there’s no true Icelandic home decor without light colors.

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Moving on, you have to know that Icelandic people like to keep things as simple as possible. That’s why when creating such a design in your own home, you should try not to clutter the room. Choose simple furniture items and as little patterns as possible, to obtain a smooth and clean aspect. However, you can use art objects to make the room look more personal and not so cold: choose paintings, sculptures or use your creativity for this. Especially if you have your kids’ room and want to bring it to life, you can use children’s works of art!

Continue the principle of Icelandic home decor by playing on the contrast between hard materials and soft ones. Choose hard wood for furniture, for instance, or even shiny surfaces to maintain the smooth appearance. Add some fluffy rugs and curtains for a personal touch and a warmer atmosphere. Some brightly colored cushions are not a bad idea either, since they bring some diversity to the room.

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Light is also very important for a proper Icelandic home decor. Big windows are a must, so that you can take advantage as much as possible from natural light. When this is not possible, you should maintain the cold atmosphere in the room and choose lighting sources in colors like blue or white, not yellow. You can use light to underline certain parts of the room, like a corner with furniture in cold colors and hard surfaces, if you want to stick to the principle of a true Icelandic home decor.

Last but not least, it’s important to have a harmonious decor. Make sure that the colors you  choose for this decor follow up the same lines and that they match each other without disturbing the general aspect. You can occasionally use brightly colored decorations in the room as a point of attraction, but not too many and certainly not in different colors. This being said, we believe it’s not hard to create your own personal version of an Icelandic home decor!

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