Industrial Bedroom Design Ideas

Industrial Bedroom Design Ideas

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Your bedroom needs a make-over? Try choosing an industrial design for it and you won't regret it!

Industrial Bedroom Design: Classic Brick Wall

In general, people choose for their bedrooms more cozy and delicately-looking designs. However, there is a not so popular style, but very interesting, the industrial bedroom design. It is indeed more masculine and aggressive, but that does not mean that it does not deserve a place among the interior design in your home. Check out these industrial bedroom designs and read about how you can create your own room in this style!

Remember to always use a brick wall when creating an industrial bedroom design. Bricks express the exact raw nature of such a design and it helps in creating an interesting room. If you don’t like the way normal bricks look, you can try to paint them in white or gray as an alternative. These neutral colors help in harmonizing the other colors in the room and allow you to use some brightly colored points of attraction throughout the room (cushions, rugs, etc).

Another important element in designing an industrial bedroom is the art. Even though it might seem paradoxical in the context, an oversized art piece can reinforce the raw, unfinished design. It can be a painting or a big statue or, basically, anything you like. The best part here is that you can choose nonconformist works of art or modernist and abstract ones, because they fit perfectly the rest of the decor.

Don’t forget to use texture! Texture is very important in an industrial bedroom design. Simply because it’s industrial, it has to look somehow unfinished or unrefined. Along with the brick walls, you should use unpolished metallic decorations or furniture, unfinished wooden boards or even bed frames and an original idea is to use chairs made from logs. Log furniture is actually a great plus to this kind of design and it’s not so hard to craft it yourself if you like it.

Pipes are another element that adds to an industrial bedroom design. Even if you don’t have pipes that go through your bedroom, it’s not a bad idea to buy some and to place them here and there. They might look weird placed there, but you can actually disguise them and use them as stools, instead of armchairs, or you can design some shelves that resemble pipes. If you’re lacking inspiration, don’t worry! There are lots of industrial sets out there on the market and they will certainly create the effect you want.

Perhaps the main characteristic of this style is simplicity. Don’t overdo things and try to keep colored or bulky wallpapers, sheets or designs away from the industrial bedroom design. This means that if you have a metallic raw look around, don’t choose sheets with sunflowers and smiles on them. Always remember to stick to the main idea of the style and don’t ruin it! Thankfully, there has been a boom on the market with urban designs on cushions, works of art, sheets, furniture and so on. Take advantage of this or even create your own decorations if you feel that they match better your room. Good luck!

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