What Are the Interior Design Color Trends in 2015?

What Are the Interior Design Color Trends in 2015?

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If you want to redecorate your house in 2015, you should know what are the new trends for interior design this year. Read on to find out what's fashionable for your home!

Interior Design Color Trends in 2015: Bold Colors

If you want to redecorate your house in 2015, you will certainly need a guide. And if you want to be fashionable, read on to find out what are the interior design color trends in 2015.

  1. Greek Blue. Bring summer in your house all year long by using the Greek blue shade in your interior design decorations. You can combine it with pink or grey for an awesome and original contrast.
  2. ’60s Colors. This year the ’60s are reinvented, so don’t be afraid to use shades like olive, dark orange or to inspire yourself from the pictures of that time. And what a challenge it is to integrate technology and modern design into that color scheme!
  3. Blue and Green Combinations. The interior design color trends in 2015 include blue and green in any kind of combination you like. You can go from Mediterranean styles to modern and even vintage decor combinations in your home. Moreover, you can make one of the two colors (the one you like more) predominant or you can even play around with touches from different colors.
  4. Pastel Colors. In this era of speed and rapid changes, your home needs to be an oasis of silence and relaxation. Having this in mind, there’s no wonder that the interior design color trends in 2015 include pastel colors. You can try combinations between light pink, light orange and pale blue or green, but you can also add a personal touch and add decorations here and there in a stronger shade.
  5. Gray. Gray is probably the most neutral color you can find, and this is precisely what makes it a perfect idea for interior design in 2015. Not only does it create a relaxing and peaceful environment, but it also offers you the freedom to make combinations with crazy colors if you want to brighten up a room or with dark tones for a more serious atmosphere.
  6. Renaissance-inspired colors. Renaissance art is coming back in the trends, but not in the way you would expect. Interior design trends are including in 2015 various shades of dark green (olive, for instance), bright blue, plums and even whites and beiges as a contrast for them. Let’s face it, this option is probably the one that will make your house look very sophisticated.
  7. Bold Colors. At the opposite point, you can bring your house back to life with wonderful bold colors. Combine bright pink with white or even with reds and oranges that catch your eye. Don’t forget about citrus green or bright blue to bring a touch of freshness inside.
  8. Warm Tones. If you want to have an elegant-looking house and stylish decorations in the house, you can go for warm tones like rust, dusty mint, olive and aubergine. They create a relaxed and rustic atmosphere. In general, these tones are more recommended for the kitchen or for the bathroom, but you can use them also for your living room if you want to be more original.

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