Kids Room Wallpaper Ideas For Your Kid

Kids Room Wallpaper Ideas For Your Kid

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Find some inspiration for your kids room with these excellent ideas for wallpapers!

Kids Room Wallpaper Ideas: Creative Design

The wallpaper is a very important part of a design, mostly because it dictates the atmosphere and it greatly influences the rest of the colors in the room. And if we’re talking about kids room, it’s even more important! Although most kids have their own preferences when it comes to decorating their room, you can also use some general guidelines for kids room wallpaper ideas.

Green is an excellent idea when choosing a wallpaper for kids room. It is said to be the most relaxing color for the eyes, but more than that, it has an energetic effect on kids and it makes the room look happy and jolly, being a great place to play. If you don’t want to have a plain green wallpaper, you can play around with black decorations like stick figures or even your kid’s favorite photos.

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Of course, since it’s a kids room, you can’t expect it to contain only one or two colors. Therefore, one of the best kids room wallpaper ideas is to use your creativity and combine lots of colors. You can simply blend them randomly or let your kid paint the walls as he wishes, for instance, but you can also choose a wallpaper that depicts thematic designs: a zoo, a park, a playground, a sea ship, a train stations etc, depending on your kid’s preferences and taste. Don’t forget to ask him for an opinion if he’s old enough because in the end he is the one who will spend the most time in that room and not you.

Nature is another one of kids room wallpaper ideas that’s worth a thought. As we said, green is a popular option indeed, but you can resort to relaxing and fun landscapes: a desert, a savannah, a jungle or anything that can stimulate your kid’s creativity. More than that, perhaps a natural setting in his room will make it love the outdoors more and spend more time outside than indoors playing all day long with different devices.

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Bright colors in excess are not normally recommended for kids room. Although they are happy and fresh, they will not help the kid relax and might even affect his sleep and other activities. The best option would be to go for pastel colors, and in this area you can choose from pale yellow, light pink, washed green, blue and other variations, but you can also use the classics black, white, grey etc.

Or you can even try combinations in different geometrical patterns. For instance, dots are one of the most popular kids room wallpaper ideas because they offer you the freedom to choose up to 3 or even 4 different colors to combine on the wall. More than that, you can get creative and go for a wallpaper with overlapped dots of different sizes and colors that will create a nice ambient, perfect for playing or sleeping. Add some cartoon characters around and you can bet that your kid will love his room!

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