Smart Toys for Kids Room – Did you know about them?

Smart Toys for Kids Room – Did you know about them?

Technology is catching up more and more, and who else is already ready to use it and play with it more than our kids? Spoil them with these new smart toys for their room and not only!

Playing with Ubooly

Sphero 2.0. This robotic ball is the new trend for kids interested in technology. It swims and glows, you can throw it under the furniture, launch it on ramps or use it as a game controller. It’s smartphone controlled, so you can even play augmented reality or mixed-reality games using it. Even more than that, children can learn how to code by using one of the most successful smart toys for kids room and it costs around $130.

LittleBits. These are smart blocks, similar to legos, which you can use to create machines, blocks or any other things you want to build. More than that, for the price of up to $199 you can attach them to regular day to day objects and create nice things with it. For instance, you can attach a block to Christmas hat and it will project images of Santa or sing carols.

Ubooly. Ubooly is a one of the most recent smart toys for kids room that your kids will simply love! It’s like a normal plush toy, except that you can store your iPhone or iPod into it. Install the app and Ubooly’s face appears on the screen. You can play with it, it listens and responds or falls asleep if you ignore it. More than that, it can be updated with new jokes, stories, games or songs, so that you can adapt it to your kid’s needs as he grows older. While the app is free, the toy costs around $60.

Sparkup Reader. Yes, it’s nice to read stories to your kids, but not when they ask you to read it to them thousands of times. Thankfully, there are smart toys for kids room that help you in this situation. Sparkup Reader can be turned on before reading a story and it records your voice reading every page from a certain book. Then, you or your kids can replay it and you are spared the effort of reading the same thing over and over again. It costs $60.

The smallest helicopter. A very interesting toy is the smallest helicopter in the world (according to Guinness Book of Records). It weighs 11 grams, has a range of 5 meters and can fly continuously for 5 minutes. It’s remotely controlled but it’s recommendable only to children over the age of 6. It costs $50.

RoboMe. This robotic avatar can be a kid’s best friend. You can use your iPhone or iPod Touch in order to draw a face for one of the best smart toys for kids room. You can program it to react differently to some stimuli (for instance when you shake hands with it, it can start to dance) and it’s so smart that it can walk by itself in a room and not crash with objects around. If you’re asking how can this help you, then you might need to hear the following: you can pair it with another iPhone and you can hear and see whatever he sees, even though you’re not near it. Fascinating, huh?

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