Unusual Kids Beds for Your Kids Room

Unusual Kids Beds for Your Kids Room

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Surprise your kid and redecorate his room by choosing one of these unusual kids beds ideas! He will absolutely love it!

Unusual kids beds: Rocket bed

Every kid wants to have an awesome room of his own. But the most difficult part for the parents is to make it unique, original and funny at the same time. Here are some ideas for unusual kids beds to brighten up their room and to make them more willing to go to sleep.

Princess house. A bed masked as a princess house is guaranteed to charm every little girl and to convince her to go to sleep faster. Not to mention that a small nap in the afternoon will suddenly seem magic and it will allow you as a parent to tell more captivating stories about nap time.

Fire truck bed. One of the most unusual kids beds for boys is the fire truck one. With a red cardboard cover and some imagination any parent can create a fire truck bed for his son (or sons!). It’s even easier if you have a bunk bed, so that you can design a bigger facade for them. Otherwise, you can inspire yourself from images online and to print them directly. There are, of course, some options already available on the market, but where’s the fun in that?

Ship bed. If your kid loves pirates and such games, you should think of buying or crafting yourself a ship bed. It’s not that complicated, you simply have to design the body of the ship around a normal bed and to stick them together. What’s even more interesting is that you can even ask your kid to help you in designing it. This way you will know that the result will be exactly as he wishes and you will have a little help when crafting it!

Tent bed. If you have a kid that loves outdoors and camping, a tent bed is great for him! Choose this one instead of other unusual kids beds and offer your kid a private space in his bed. More than that, kids love to hide or to cuddle, so a small space in bed is great for this.

House bed. By using some painted wood panels you can transform the bunk bed in your kids room in a realistic house. Make sure to paint the ladder in the same manner and voila, you have a one of the greatest and most unusual kids beds around! However, don’t forget about safety: don’t leave sharp corners or edges our for the kids to hurt themselves in them.

Hanging bed. The great advantage of a hanging bed is that your kid can relax and balance himself on it and swing himself to sleep without your help. You can even use some transparent material and surround the bed all around, just like a canopy, for a more Oriental look.

Rocket bed. Every boy is fascinated at some point in his life with science, rockets and space. Why not get him a bed that it’s designed like a rocket ship? You can be sure that his sleep will be cosmic!

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