Unusual Kids Toys for Kids Room

Unusual Kids Toys for Kids Room

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It's time to surprise your kid and make him feel unique among his friends with these funny and unusual kids toys. Have a look over our list and decide which ones will be the gift!

Mini stamps for kids

Usually all the kids receive more or less the same toys. Cars, dolls, wooden blocks and so on. However, you might want to think about some unusual kids toys for your kid, to make him enjoy some creative toys that are more special than those of the other kids.

Magnetic Putty. Just as the name says, this putty is special because it’s magnetic. You can create special shapes with it, small humans for instance, and keep them attached to your fridge or just make them turn upside down with other magnets you may have around. It is indeed one of the most interesting unusual kids toys, one that will certainly surprise your kid!

Glow-in-the-dark putty. Another version of the regular boring putty is the glow-in-the-dark one. Not only that the kids can make animals or small figurines that will light up their room at night, but you can also stick it to the walls instead of those decorations you have to buy in the shops. This is something that will stimulate their imagination for sure!

Sock Puppets. When you don’t know what to give to your kid as a present, go back to basics! Sock puppets (either bought or made by yourself) are great and they empower the child much more than the regular toys. Now they have the power of creating themselves a story, assigning roles of good and bad characters and develop his own sense of inventing new things. Of course, for this he might need you to play along with the puppets, but that’s a good occasion to remember how good it is to play without stress.

Mini stamps. Although you might wake up to all your walls stamped and re-stamped, this is one example of unusual kids toys that doesn’t require much effort, but it will prove to be so much fun to your kid. They will be happy to pretend they have to stamp and sign important documents, and even more so if you ask them for autographs or play different games with it. Alternatively, you can ask the kid to design a stamp that he wants and you can have it customized for yourself at a specialized shop. What greater joy can one kid have than creating his own toy?

3D coloring books. Thanks to the advance of technology, nowadays you can make a truly special and unusual gift: 3D coloring books for your kid. If he or she is tired of normal coloring books, the kind everyone has, this is a good way to revive his wish to fill in with colors all day long. More than that, it’s a safe occupation that will keep him/her busy without you having to keep a close eye all the time.

Wall stickers. Perhaps one of the most unusual kids toys for kids room, wall stickers are considered by many not a toy. But have you seen how excited kids are when you ask them to decorate their own room themselves? Try and you’ll see! Moreover, they will learn in this way to take responsibility and well-thought decisions, because they will have to stay in their room exactly as they decorated it. Well, you might need to help them a little bit with this one!

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