Unique Modern Arabic Kitchen Design Brings Two Worlds Together

Unique Modern Arabic Kitchen Design Brings Two Worlds Together

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Unique modern Arabic kitchen design it's now closer to you! The Arabic kitchen is a great place for experimenting and playing with different styles like modern and Arabic interior design trends.

Different materials blend

Unique modern Arabic kitchen design is now closer to you!

Recently in the home decor tendencies in the UAE it can be noticed a certain blend between the classic Arabic style and modern nuances. Surprisingly or not, people in the UAE have accepted the intrusion of western and modern elements into their homes, and the result is quite unique. You would be impressed to see how well certain elements can nicely mix, creating an ever more pleasant aspect than it would have been if they were used separately.

Mosaic patterns are one of the examples. Used either for stairs or the walls, mosaic patterns are a sure way to bring an element of the Orient in your kitchen. Morning coffee can taste better surrounded by the wonderful motifs of the Arabians and if you don’t believe it, you should try it yourself!

Hard wood is definitely a mark of Arabic style. Either if you choose to use it for the furniture or for floors, for instance, it will bring that special oriental air into your kitchen. However, beware that hard wood requires special care if you want it to look beautifully on the long run.

Perhaps the easiest way to bring a piece of the Orient into your modern kitchen is to use Oriental dishes. They are not that hard to find, plus you can choose to combine whatever colors you like. One suggestion would be a bright intense blue color for the plates, for instance, with white Arabic patterns.

A useful trick for creating an Arabic atmosphere into a modern kitchen is the yellow lighting. Yellow lighting creates a nice atmosphere that resembles the intimacy and elegance in an Arabic house. Moreover, the shades of the rest of the furniture, cushions and other objects in the kitchen will appear much more darker, adding to the idea of mystery.

If you haven’t considered adding curtains to the decor in your kitchen, you might want to think again. They are a clever solution for a modern Arabic kitchen decor, plus they are really useful. If you decide to go for curtains, make sure that their shade matches the rest of the decorations there and that it’s a color you like, so that you will enjoy the time you spend in the kitchen.

The colors you choose can also change the look of the kitchen. The furniture for instance may not be in an Arabic style, but if you choose for the kitchen elegant colors such as pearly white, gold, silver or any other variations.

Last but not least, perhaps the most important element that can transform your kitchen into an Arabic one is the food. Once you choose to cook a specific Arabian dish, the flavors that will slowly come from the stove will definitely teleport you into the magical world in the UAE.

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