Did You Know What Are the Effects of Colors on Your Mood?

Did You Know What Are the Effects of Colors on Your Mood?

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If you want to be well informed about the effects of colors on your mood before choosing a color scheme for your interior design, keep reading!

Effects of colors on your mood: Bright combination

Many people don’t know about that, but the colors you choose for your interior design can really affect your mood and the way you feel. This is why you should think it well before choosing the color scheme for each of your rooms and make your home a pleasant way. Read and learn about the effect of colors on your mood!

There is a first question you should be posing even before you think about decorating: what effect do you want the room to have? Do you want a relaxing room, a happy one or a neutral one? Depending on your preference, you should check the list of colors and their effects and choose matching ones. It’s better to choose first your furniture and rugs, because they’re harder to find in a specific shade than your paint.

Red. The color of passion and love, it’s paradoxically not recommended for the bedroom, since it does not have a calming effect at all. However, if you spend your time in the bedroom only at night, you can use it because you won’t actually see it too much. It’s a great idea for hallways, bathrooms and dining rooms, because it offers you energy and creativity.

Yellow. If we’re talking about the effects of colors on your mood, we must mention that yellow is probably the most versatile option. It can transmit almost any feeling, from energy (sunshine and happiness) to frustration and even anger (in darker shades). Even so, you can use it in combinations with other lighter colors to compensate. Also, make sure you place it in a room that has lots of light (preferably natural).

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Blue. One of the most popular choices when it comes to interior design, blue helps in relaxing. It slows down your blood pressure and your heart rate, allowing you to relax and charge your batteries. Even so, blue still remains a cold color, so be careful with what combinations you choose for it! You can compensate by using warm colors in furniture and rugs or applying designs on your walls. But if we’re talking about the effects of colors on your mood, blue still remains the most popular choice around the globe!

Green. Green is the most helpful choice when it comes to resting your eyes. It’s very refreshing and cheerful, so it’s appropriate for any room in your house and even hallways or stairs. Also, it has a calming effect and it transforms a room in a great place to relax and unwind by relieving stress.

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Purple. A royal color, purple creates a sophisticated and rich design. It’s very elegant and luxurious, but it can also be very cool. Bring in some warm elements and even combine it with black or white if you lack inspiration!

Orange. Enthusiasm is one of the effects of colors on your mood given by the color orange. It’s a very fresh and energetic color, so it’s best suited for kitchen or living room, for instance. You can easily tone it down with white shades or paler hues.

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