What to Know About an Open Bedroom Design

What to Know About an Open Bedroom Design

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If you're on the fence in what concerns your bedroom, you should have a loot at this information about open bedroom style!

Open Bedroom: Intimacy

Although we cannot say if the open bedroom is for sure a more popular option than the closed one, it is certainly preferred by those who have a large space readily available. There are lots of advantages when choosing an open bedroom design, but also you should be familiar with some information before making a decision in what concerns your bedroom style.

Generally, it is not recommended to have an open bedroom in a small house. By definition this type of design requires lots of space which will not be fully used, so if you are in desperate need of space, it’s probably not a good idea. On the other hand though, an open space room offers countless possibilities for storage and it’s quite flexible. And by flexible we mean that you can quickly change the distribution of the furniture around the room, in case you have guests over, for instance, and you need to place an extra bed or mattress.

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One unusual thing about the open bedrooms, a trait some people are quite reluctant to accept, is the fact that the bed can be placed on its own in the middle of the room, without any walls nearby. And since lots of people prefer to sleep next to the wall, that might appear to be an issue when choosing such a design for your bedroom. Of course, you can still place your bed near the wall, but since the room will be very big, such a move may leave the space looking quite empty.

Intimacy is another thing that might lack if you go for an open bedroom style. Having such a large space around may reduce the intimacy a bedroom can have. So you have to think it through before making a decision, because if you’re an adept of the mysterious, intimate and discreet bedroom, such an interior design style will not match the open bedroom.

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Flexibility is another keyword when it comes to open bedrooms. Given that you have so much space, you can cross the boundaries that delimit the bedroom for other rooms. For instance, if you’re the type that prefers working in the bedroom, in a more relaxed environment than the office or your desk, you can adjust the design and the concept of the room to fit your needs. Add a desk or an adjustable table besides the bed for extra comfort and creativity stimulation.

Similarly, you can add bonus decorations in the room. Include in your open bedroom decorative plants both for healthy and aesthetic reasons. However, be careful with the flowers, since it is dangerous to keep some strong smelling flowers in the room where you sleep, so do your homework and inform yourself on the types of plants and proper conditions! Make sure they have enough light and that they don’t disturb the harmony of the interior decor you have chosen, and you will for sure take advantage of all the benefits of an open bedroom!

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