Lighting Ideas for your Living room

Lighting Ideas for your Living room

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Lighting really makes a difference!


We already agreed that our home is the greatest place where our mind and body find relaxation and peace and that is why every detail is important no matter how big or small it is.

Lighting is another aspect which must be discussed in order for us to mix everything in a perfect ” smooth” result.¬†

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In what concerns me I really prefer natural light because doesn’t affect our eyes and natural light has the properties of relaxing and emanates energy vibrations. But of course natural light doesn’t last all day and because of that we need to take into consideration what kind of lighting is more suitable for our house.

Well we need to choose our lightning in such a manner that it will always give us a good mood and never feel that we are irritated by the light because if this happens that the light we chose is wrong. Let’s take a look at some lighting ideas for your living room.

I would start with light layers which we usually choose because we want to give a little more energy to the room without having corners with no illumination. This layers are a great idea if you have a large living room with many details you want to be noticed.


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My favorite lightning remain chandeliers: You can choose a chandelier which will really go perfectly with the furniture, or only with an item from the room, you can choose chandeliers that reflect your personality ( extravagant, eccentric, more classic, simple, jolly). Chandeliers are really a detail that makes an enormous difference. In case you have an Italian design living room, you need to take into consideration that you need a glamorous chandelier not a simple one.



But if you have a fresh living room which reflects energy and nature you can easily chose a chandelier which shows your love for nature and bright colors.



If your lovely living room has a fireplace than you really must lighten it and make it feel loved and appreciated. Choose elegant scones which usually are attached to the wall so the light falls perfectly on the item you want to be lighten. Sconces are often equipped with shades or glass diffusers which can make the light softer. You might take into consideration to install a pair of sconces. The light given by the sconces is a relaxing, often romantic one which really makes you feel safe.


Some people want their rooms to be fully lighten and to assure themselves that they see everything without struggling that is why many people appeal to Recessed Lighting which because to halogen, incandescent or compact florescent bulb the light can be positioned exactly on the spot you want to be lighten.





For those persons who want they entire house to inspire love and romance than they must choose fire lights which resonate perfectly with grace, romance and love. They will lead you to a cozy feeling and they will melt your heard. So arrange some candles on a tray suspended from the ceiling and you made 80% of the romantic atmosphere. This lightning will invite you to nostalgia and to always warm your soul feelings. I would personally choose this type of lightning for a chalet or a beach house where we go in holiday.


These types of lightning are especially created for different types of living rooms. You can inspire yourself with my ideas and create your own special way of lighten your living room. Everything starts with a sparkle!

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Lighting ideas come from inside your soul!



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