Luxurious Villa – The Home of Your Dreams!

Luxurious Villa – The Home of Your Dreams!

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See here how a perfect villa can look and what it takes to make one of the most beautiful decors in the world!

Luxurious Villa: Dining Room

You can read everywhere lots of indications on how to make your living room a luxurious one, or your bedroom a truly exceptional one, but you might have wondered every once in a while how does a perfect house look? Well, you can find such a home if you go to the Arabian ranches, in the Hattan community. Here, a truly family home is a luxurious villa that has seven bedrooms, besides the maid and drivers’ quarters. Although it was built nine years ago, it has an interior design worthy of a memorable luxurious villa.

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Even before entering the house, you can tell that this is a wonderful place to live in. It has a splendid gate at the entrance and from there, an outdoor passage and then a great garden invite you to continue your journey in discovering this amazing work of art when it comes to interior design. But this work of art starts from very basic principles: you can be sure that everything used in the 7.424 sq feet perimeter is of the highest quality available, from floors, furniture or windows to decorations and adjacent items.

As soon as you enter, you see how the decor in this luxurious villa is meant to be relaxing and pleasant for the eye. The double doors open the way for you to notice a splendid reception hall, decorated with a huge mirror that makes the hall look even more spacious. A seating area has been placed here and rest assured, the armchairs there are some of the most comfortable ones. If you turn right from the reception hall, you will enter the living and dining room. There was a recent renovation that transformed this space and gave it a totally new life with a beautiful blend between modern and Arabian decor styles, perfect for this luxurious villa. This is visible if you analyze the cushions, the dark wooden floors and the traditional fireplace, which, by the way, create a very nice and intimate atmosphere.

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Of course, a piece of all this space was reserved for the family living area. Here the decor is very important, because you have to be comfortable enough to relax and discuss or play with your family or friends. The wallpaper textures and paint colors carry a great role in defining the elegant style and the specific of the room.

Overall, the style of this luxurious villa can be described as eclectic. There are lots of numerous modern elements that blend perfectly with oriental ones. Middle East and Asia place their mark on the design with art items used to decorate the walls and with pieces of furniture found among other types of furniture. But regardless of the style of every individual piece found in the rooms, a more important thing is the harmony with which they are combined and the flawless flow of style and elegance found in even the smallest of the details inside and outside.

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