Luxury Dressing Rooms

Luxury Dressing Rooms

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If you don't know how to design your dressing room, see here what makes the difference between normal and luxury ones!

luxury dressing room

Everybody knows that someone who affords an incredible house also pays attention to his/her way of dressing, clothes and shoes. And let’s face it, who hasn’t got a weakness for beautiful or expensive items? That’s why today we have for you some ideas for luxury dressing rooms if you want to include one in your own mansion!

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1. Make sure you have enough space. People usually underestimate how much space their clothes and shoes take off, so it’s better to use more space than planned than to regret afterwards. If you don’t build your house from scratch, choose one medium-sized room, not the biggest one (keep that one for the living room or the bedroom), but also not the smallest closet you can find. More than that, make sure you space it well and organize it properly. It’s useless to have all that space if you don’t plan every inch carefully so as to be used to its full potential.

Luxury Dressing Rooms: Luxury Interior

2. Decorate it elegantly. If you want to impress and to make your space one of the best luxury dressing rooms out there, you should totally go for an elegant design. This means you have to match the shelves, the closets and anything you want to include in order to be better organized to the same style and patterns. Even if it’s just a dressing room, you have to respect its harmony and to think about the design just as you do with any other room in your home.

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3. Customize it. There are lots of types of drawers and dressings you can use for this room that are premade and standard. However, not everybody uses them in the same way, since everybody owns different types of clothes, shoes and so on, so the best idea would be to customize it. If you’re a fan of do-it-yourself projects, you can design the entire furniture on your own right from scratch, but if not, there are specialized people who move faster and have better knowledge of this who can help you in dividing your space properly.

Luxury Dressing Rooms: Quality Materials

4. …Or don’t use furniture at all. Some people prefer to quit furniture for good in the luxury dressing rooms and simply organize it like a store. Just place horizontal bars and hangers all around the room, whether it’s around the walls or across the entire room. Sometimes it’s better to go for this type of organization than for the classic space dividing because there is no wasted space with the actual material that makes up the furniture.

5. Of course, what differentiates a luxury dressing room from a normal one is the fact that people usually go for quality materials. Whether you choose mahogany, steel or other materials, you should always make sure that the dressing is the best quality ever, that matches the aesthetic design of the entire room.

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Luxury Dressing Rooms: Drawers and Furniture


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