Luxury Homes: Paris Hilton’s House

Luxury Homes: Paris Hilton’s House

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Curious to see one of the most expensive celebrity homes? Have a look at Paris Hilton's house and get some inspiration!

paris hilton luxury house

Some celebrities are really amazing when it comes to choosing their homes. And let’s face it, who wouldn’t choose the best for themselves if they had enough money? But even if you don’t have enough money, there is some inspiration to take from celebrities’ homes. Today we want to present you Paris Hilton’s house and how amazing it is. No wonder it’s fascinating, since it cost her more than $5 million back in 2014. But let’s see why it’s worth having a look at it!

Paris Hilton's House: Large Mansion

One of the things you should know about this house is that it has a drawing room. But not in the way you would expect it though. Given that Paris Hilton loves herself so much, this is a room filled with pictures, images and the like. Pictures of her, of her friends, of them together, in many occasions and in various shots, but only the best get to be displayed here. Of course, this is a room you should remember and recreate yourself if you are narcissistic enough.

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The living room is simply otherworldly elegant. It combines French medieval furniture with golden edges and classy colors with simple dark floors and flowery patterns on the rug. This is a great example of a beautiful matching of styles you could recreate yourself in your own home without too much trouble. However, remember that there needs to be a common element of them in order to keep the harmony of the design.

Paris Hilton's House: Own Pics

The bedroom is nevertheless impressive, but what attracts your attention in Paris Hilton’s house is, again, her passion for her own photos. And the bedroom can’t miss from this.  Naturally, the bed stand is full with more photos of her and her friends. Maybe this is a great idea to customize your design in a truly special way. More than that, the beauty of using pictures for decorations, as Paris Hilton does, is that you can choose the most diverse and match them to the style of the room: playful, childish or, on the contrary, serious and stiff.

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And we can’t leave the bedroom just yet! Another important thing that has to be mentioned here is the general atmosphere. This is a real escape from the scorching heat outside, with some floor fans creating the perfect temperature for sleep. More than that, Paris used some interesting musky and sweet scents for perfuming the room.

Paris Hilton Bedroom


A touch of color is what every design needs. And this color for Paris Hilton’s house is pink, obviously. Of course, this color needs to be your favorite, since you will introduce it everywhere, so pay attention to this. You don’t need to decorate entire rooms with this specific color, just add some colorful spots here and there: a lampshade, a rug, a painting, cushions for the living room or even curtains if you want it to be more present in your interior décor. So did she with placing a pink phone here, a bike, a scooter and so on.

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