Make Your Home Look More Expensive!

Make Your Home Look More Expensive!

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Read here how to make your home look more expensive with minimum effort and investment!

Make Your Home Look More Expensive: Spray paint your fridge

If you want to upgrade your home and make it look classier and more expensive, you don’t need to spend lots of money on high class decorative objects. There’s no need to replace every item in the house, but you need to know some tips and tricks to make your home look more expensive! All you need is spray paint and some creativity. Read on and check out how you can make your home look more expensive!

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Renew your kitchen with gold spray! If you have children who play with magnetic letters on the fridge, paint them with gold spray, even if they’re made of plastic. It’s a great way to make the kitchen look classier and more expensive. But if you think your fridge does not look expensive enough to have golden letters on it, you can try applying some gold spray paint on it too! You can paint it completely, or you can apply designs on it. Use stencils that you craft yourself or some that you can find in the stores and make stripes, dots or anything you like on it.

Quite surprising, huh? But let’s go on to decorations all around the house! If you have dead branches kept in pots around the house you can spray them with gold paint too and they will look absolutely classy. Place them around the house and see how easy it is to make your home look more expensive! Also, a smart trick is to use the gold spray paint on your door knobs too. Of course, here you can also use black or grey spray paint, if you want them to have a new look, but not that elegant or expensive. Moreover, you can reuse the Christmas lights by painting them golden and hang them all year round.

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Another great ideas when you want to make your home look more expensive is to upgrade the bathroom. Clean the faucets and the shower head very well and then apply silver or black spray paint. Even though black is quite a rare choice for bathrooms, it makes a nice contrast with the light surroundings and it even contrasts nicely with bright colors.

If you want to make your outdoors look more stylish, you can make small changes in your garden or on the terrace. For the patio furniture, you can use colored spray on the mattresses and pillows and brown or dark spray paint on the wooden pieces. It will look just like you have bought new furniture! Also, renew your plant pots by applying silver or metallic spray paint on them. Even if they’re ceramic, the new coat of spray will give them a fancy new look. A brilliant idea for your garden is to use looking-glass paint. It is indeed a special way of making your garden look very classy and for an extra effect, you can apply it on round shapes and place them randomly in the garden. Your guests will definitely be impressed!

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