Marine Atmosphere: Turquoise Dining Room

Marine Atmosphere: Turquoise Dining Room

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What if you chose turquoise for your dining room? Quite an unusual choice indeed, but very beautiful!

Turquoise Dining Room: One Wall Painted

Turquoise is a very beautiful color, quite unique since it’s a combination between blue and green. Even though it’s so beautiful, it’s not often encountered in interior decor, except for various decorations around the room. Today, however, we have to present you great ways to use turquoise to decorate your dining room. Being such a warm and pleasant color, it’s very appropriate for this room, because it doesn’t distract you from eating and it’s not tiring at all, creating a relaxing environment.

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A turquoise dining room can create a great atmosphere if you choose to paint the walls like this. Given that it’s not a tiring color, as we said, you can use it to cover all the walls, without feeling that it’s too much. If however you only want to temper down another color in the room, you can choose only one wall to paint it turquoise.

Another option for a turquoise dining room is to have furniture in this color. It’s true, furniture items like this are quite hard to find, but the effect is truly exquisite. In case you don’t find anywhere tables and chairs in this shade, you can make them yourself with some paint. If you feel creative enough, buy blue and green paint and mix them together in whatever quantity you wish, for an original decor.

Turquoise makes for a great neutral color. Although it’s quite colorful and lively, it can serve as a base for adding brighter colors in your interior decor. For instance, you can use bright green decorations in the room to contrast it with a pale turquoise on the walls or on the furniture. Other colors you can use are red, dark blue, marine shades or even black and white for a more powerful contrast.

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Art is another trick having a turquoise dining room. It helps in adding small touches here and there that create a harmonious and equally distributed color throughout the room. A blue statuette or a marine painting can replace a uniform turquoise color on the walls or on the furniture. Make sure you match it with some other decorations like cushions, rugs or even cutlery if you want to be truly original.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your turquoise dining room! You can combine different hues of turquoise and blues for a more original design. For instance, you can have dark blue furniture items matched with washed blue and some pale green vases around the room and still obtain a homogeneous and harmonious decor for your dining room.

Finally, it’s a good idea to have a turquoise dining room for various reasons. It’s a relaxing color, therefore it’s perfect for a calm environment when you’re eating, plus it’s very beautiful and not tiring for your eyes. However, be careful when you combine various shades or hues of blue, because the main aim is to have a equilibrate design without being too cluttered or heavy.

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