Modern Carpets and Rugs – New Trends and Designs

Modern Carpets and Rugs – New Trends and Designs

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If you're wondering whether you should include a carpet or a rug in your modern design, check out this guide on modern carpets and rugs!

Modern Carpets and Rugs: Black and White

Even though some people consider that carpets and rugs are obsolete, you might be curious to know that using them in your home is quite popular. However, things have changed a little bit, and nowadays modern carpets and rugs have different styles and decorations than the old ones. Read on to find out how to choose the right modern carpets and rugs for your home decor!

The patterns that define modern carpets and rugs are usually geometrical. And the reason behind this is simple: they have to match the rest of the modern and minimalist design usually found in this home decor style. Since all the furniture has edges and is based on geometrical shapes, you should choose a rug or a carpet that follows the same principle.

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Colors are also very important. Here you have all the freedom you want. Modern carpets and rugs employ all types of colors, from bright ones to simple black and white designs or drawings. It all depends on your personal taste! You can even combine crazy bright colors, as long as they have a match in the room where you plan to use that carpet or rug. Careful not to ruin the harmony of the interior design!

There are no strict rules when it comes to textures either. However, there has been a tendency for people to go for extremely fluffy modern carpets and rugs in their living rooms or bedrooms. Truth be told, who doesn’t love to play with his/her feet in a highly fluffy rug? Even so, they are obviously not recommended for bathrooms or even kitchens, since the humidity there can be quite high and it can become a proper environment for the development of many bacteria or germs.

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Remember to check for safety details too! Modern carpets and rugs have safety rubber pieces added under them to make them less slippery and therefore, less dangerous for your health. And since we’re talking about this, it’s always recommended to choose high quality materials. There are lots of badly manufactured products on the market that use chemical substances that might prove to be harmful for you and your family members, so it’s always better to be informed about the material the rug or carpet is made of, the substances (the dye, other decorations) and any info you can find about it. Ask for the advice of a professional if you’re not sure about how healthy a rug is!

Finally, it’s all up to you to decide the size of modern carpets and rugs. Depending on the room you need to use, it’s generally better to use small rugs if a room is quite small, otherwise the effect will be a cluttered one. For large rooms you can use a larger room, but not so large as to cover the entire visible floor. The floor must be visible at least partially for a full modern look and design. Good luck decorating your home!

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