Modern Design: Green Kids Room Ideas

Modern Design: Green Kids Room Ideas

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Change your kids room design with a bold statement through a green colored decor!

Green Kids Room Ideas: White and Green

Studies show that green is one of the most suitable colors to decorate your kids room. It’s relaxing, it has a positive effect and it stimulates their creativity. Not to mention that it has been proven that green is the best color for the health of kids’ eyes. And if you need another argument for this, think about how beautiful it is! See here some green kids room ideas and tips!

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The most effective way to create a green design for a room is to paint the walls this way. Since they cover up the most surface in the room, the effect will be bright, positive and dominant over the rest of the colors in the room. You can play around with various different shades, from light green to dark or lime, depending on the atmosphere you want the room to have. The darker the shades you will use, the more serious the room will be. And although in general kids room should be as light and funny as possible, if you have an older kid that needs to do homework and to focus, a more serious room can be quite useful.

Alternatively, if you don’t want the entire room to be green, you can simply paint only one wall in this wonderful color and the others in more neutral or not so bright colors to counter the effect. However, you can use original green kids room ideas and not paint the walls in green at all. Simply choose bed sheets, carpets and rugs and furniture in similar shades of green and you will obtain the same beautiful effect without even changing the color of the walls.

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One of the most popular color that complements green kids room ideas in general is blue. Though they’re both cold colors, there are still some really warm shades that make a nice contrast when used together. You can have a fresh atmosphere simply by using these two colors in different amounts all throughout the kids room. For instance, you can choose green furniture, but blue decorations, like cushions, rugs or curtains. Of course, both of them can be mixed (together or separately) with white touches here and there. Sometimes it’s impossible to have only these two colors in the room, since some people have white walls, white floors and so on. Another option would be to mix the two of them with black shades for a more interesting interior design.

One last advice would be to make sure that your kid loves this color before starting making plans for the interior design you want to see. Green kids room ideas may sound very enticing to you, but if it’s not you boy/girl’s favorite color, he/she might not enjoy it as much as you’d expect. Bottom line: it’s always better to ask them directly if they want their room in one way or another because, after all, they will be the ones who spend most time there!

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