Modern Home Accessories for Your Design

Modern Home Accessories for Your Design

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Spice up your interior design with some modern accessories and play with them around for a touch of originality and modernity!

Modern Home Accessories: White and Fresh Green

Want to give a modern touch to your design, but don’t want to have a full modern design? You can try placing just some modern home accessories here and there in order to bring that touch you want. Only you determine how much of a modern style you want in your design and it’s a great idea that you can customize it!

One important thing to know about placing modern accessories in your home is the fact that the material is very important. Modern design prefers using light and practical materials, like glass or light metal. Even though they may not be that resistant in time, they’re practical since they’re easy to clean and to maintain. Plus they’re easy to maintain and to clean.

Another element when looking for modern home accessories for your design is simplicity. Nobody wants furniture with intricate designs and decorations, but plain and even shiny surfaces that help in reflecting light and creating a more airy environment. Alternatively, you can go for light wood and plastic and choose either neutral colors, like black, white, grey or beige, or you can choose bright colors for a more vivid look: bright orange, fresh greens and blues or sunny yellows.

And since we’re talking about simplicity, your modern home accessories should have clearly defined geometrical shapes. Angular mirrors are not something unusual, just like geometrical decorative objects. You can also use simple geometrical patterns on cushions or even wallpapers for instance. Even if you don’t believe it, the right combination of geometrical patterns, colors and shapes can make for a great modern design in your home.

Lighting is also a very important aspect in designing a modern room and integrating modern home accessories. This kind of design chooses to focus on simple and economic lighting. The modern principles in interior design value very much economy and try to avoid wastage as much as possible, and for this reason we see how economic light bulbs or LED lighting have become more and more popular in the recent years. A great advantage of this type of lighting is that it can be easy integrated even in the furniture, for instance in a closet where you don’t get too much light or in hard to access spots in your home.

A great trick you should take into account when choosing modern home accessories for your design is the play on shiny/matte surfaces. Sometimes it’s worth to take a step outside the shiny surfaces like the fridge or kitchen counters. Matte is always more elegant and it will save you the worry of scratching the surface or spoiling the shine. A truly wonderful effect is given by the black matte objects, like decorative ones, the cutlery in the kitchen or even the useful small bowls around the house where you keep your keys or other small stuff. Remember not to spoil the harmony of the interior design by including too many or inappropriate modern home accessories and have fun playing around!

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