Modern Windows Designs: How To

Modern Windows Designs: How To

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If you don't know how to make your home look more modern, here are some ideas that help you with this by simply choosing the window design!

Modern window: Futuristic Building

Interior design styles have changed very much throughout the years, and window designs are not an exception to this rule. It’s natural for window designs to change over time, along with technological process and changes of taste, depending on the area, the climatic conditions and so on, so today we’re presenting you some ideas about modern window designs and how to recognize and use them!

1. Size. Everybody defines modern world as one built almost entirely from steel and glass, so there’s no surprise buildings and houses use extremely large windows in their architecture. Whether you choose to make an entire wall a window or simply go for large designs, a thing is for sure: for a modern look in your house you can’t have small windows! And of course, it depends a lot on the surroundings of your home, because nobody would want only glass for a wall on the living room or bedroom if anyone could see in their home!

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2. Shape. Modern means going for square shapes and generally more aggressive geometrical patterns. Oval or round windows are not usually preferred in such modern and minimalist designs, so the classic square shaped window type is a safe bet. Fragmentation though is an often-encountered trend in this domain, which means that instead of one large window you will have several square pieces or, if you really want to go for a less aggressive decor, round pieces.

3. Decorations. Since modern is usually associated with pretty simple stuff in general, not only in interior decor, there’s no wonder that window designs work under the same rule too. The days where the window sill or the frame were adorned with all sorts of intricate patterns and designs are long gone, and what’s trendy today is the simple and elegant frame. At most, some discreet geometrical shapes can be found here and there, but nothing too much.

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4. Color. Continuing the very idea of simplicity, colors for modern window designs are, as expected, simple. Black or white are still the most common and the safest option when you want to create a great design. Even so, for a more futuristic and minimalist design you should head to the metallic-looking ones, since this type of frame fits better large windows. Plus they make a nice and futuristic combination with the aspect of glass, making for a wonderful decor!

5. Position. As we already said, for a modern home the windows are as large as your intimacy allows it. But there’s also a catch regarding their position. Even if technology is very advanced these days, we have to take care of the environment. Therefore, it’s a great idea to place windows in strategic positions that will allow you to use as much natural light as possible all day long. The more natural light you use, the better for the environment, but also for you, since it can’t compare with the artificial one. So remember to take care of the nature while creating a modern home for you as well!

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