How to Have a Moroccan Bathroom Design

How to Have a Moroccan Bathroom Design

Sometimes a change is more than welcomed, so why not going for a new Moroccan bathroom design when redecorating your entire home? Here are some tips about how to obtain a great Moroccan bathroom design.

Elegant wall cover

Moroccan style is a great option for decorating your bathroom. It brings inside some of the charm of the oriental relaxing atmosphere. But if you decide to use it, the next question you have is how to obtain a Moroccan bathroom design without too much fuss? Read on for some simple steps on Moroccan bathroom design.

Use mosaics. Mosaics are an important part of the Moroccan culture, so it’s essential to include them in your bathroom design. It’s recommended to use them on the walls, but if you’re not a fan of this idea, you should buy furniture or decorations with mosaics.

Go for arches. Typical for the Moroccan designs are the arches. If you build a house from scratch, you can include them in the structure of your windows or doors. If not, you can compensate by mounting on the wall arched mirrors or wallpapers. The patterns of the wallpapers can replace both the mosaics and the arches, so this is an easy way out for a Moroccan bathroom design.

Choose light colors. Moroccan style is all about relaxing and having an airy space. For this, you will need light colors around. You can either choose an all-white design, including furniture and walls, but you can also complement it with one bright color, like yellow, beige, light blue or cream.

Elegant details. A Moroccan bathroom design also needs some elegant details. Add a sparkle here and there and your bathroom will be gorgeous! If you lack inspiration, you can use some gold details. For instance, you can buy wallpapers or sinks with golden details. Alternatively, you can also choose to surround the mirror with a golden tape for extra elegance.

Lighting. Since it’s all about relaxing and elegance, ideally you should use a lighting system that you can vary according to the moment. Also, you can use lampshades or light bulbs that have a certain color, such as yellow or red, for a more romantic and special atmosphere. You can even place candles there, to light up whenever you need a long relaxing bath.

Luxury. Let’s not forget, the Moroccan style is about abundance and luxury, so don’t be cheap when choosing the sink or the bathtub, for instance. Choose impressive ones, large, richly adorned and qualitative. Luxury does not only mean opulence, but also quality, so that you won’t need to change everything you just bought in a couple of months.

Quality materials. Choose for your Moroccan bathroom design quality materials for the towels, curtains and rugs. If you’re going to spoil yourself with an aromatic bath, why not continue it with some soft and qualitative towels caressing your skin? Or keep your legs on some soft and fluffy bathroom rugs that will prevent you from slipping and injuring yourself?

This being said, we hope that we have convinced you to try a Moroccan bathroom design and to bring a small part of the exotic lands into your own bathroom. You can thank us later, after you find yourself in this universe of luxury, style and quality!


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