Most Creative Beds You will ever see

Most Creative Beds You will ever see

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A bedroom is complete only after you have the perfect bed!

Today we are going to concentrate on some of the most amazing and creative beds your eyes will ever encounter. Those who created these beds had a wild imagination which definitely managed to create something amazing.

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Private cloud bed: It is an enormous bed which will make your life easier and happier. This is surely not a normal bed, it is something that revolutionize every bedroom in the world. This bed can’t be installed in a small bedroom, you need a very large one and the experience offered by it, is unique.

cloud bed home caprice

Animi Causa bed: it is something you will adore instantly. The Feel seating system has a real unusual creative shape, inspired by a molecular structure. 120 sofa balls covered with elastic fabrics complete this bed. This is an ultimate bed created for playful persons.

feel-bed home caprice

Bookcase bed: This bed transforms into a bookcase, so you will have two of your favorite things in one. It is a perfect bed for small apartments or houses, helping you to maximize the space and color the walls.

bed_case home caprice

Hi-can bed: is an High Fidelity Canopy designed by an Italian designer Edoardo Carlino. This interesting elegant design allows you to play on the web, to watch your favorite movies, to play games and listen music while you are sitting comfortably in it. It is a high technology bed that reacts to your fingerprints from the moment you wake up.

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high-fidelity-canopy_bed home caprice

The Scoop bed: emphasizes innovation and originality, designed by Guido Rosati for Saba Italia. It is a bed intended to be sophisticated and unique combining the sofa function with the bed function. It has 2 semi-circular sides which can be separated into 2 new pieces of furniture.

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saba-italia-scoop-bed_home caprice

Hope you find these bed as interesting as I do. I love interior design,





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