Multi Functional Small Kitchens

Multi Functional Small Kitchens

0 2008

Design your kitchen to be your helper!


A kitchen is the place where magic takes place. Here we invent the most interesting dishes and the most important ingredient is love and dedication. When we enter in our kitchen we want to find a clean and enlighten room where we can free our imagination and let it play with its details, that is why the importance of how we adjust every detail is extremely important.

The fact that our kitchen is an oasis of flavors where we enter to find pleasure, must make us want to decorate it exactly how our needs are.

A small kitchen is not an impediment, on contrary. We can easily transform a small kitchen in a phenomenal place where we can’t wait to drink our coffee in the morning.

Let’s see how we can create multi functional small kitchens and have a lot of fun.

A kitchen island is the center place of the room where our entire attention is directed. Our actions will be dictated by how we organize the kitchen island and if we have a small kitchen we need to take into consideration a kitchen island’s advantages: it creates more space for storage, it can be used either for eating counter or as a breakfast spot, because of its drawers, shelves and hooks we have more storage place so everything will be in order, we must place it in order not to discomfit our work.

Because we’re talking about small kitchens we need to find the perfect place for our new acquisition, so the place  for it would be the center of the kitchen or put it in an L shape formation if you want your space to feel larger.



There is always the possibility of a roll, tucked kitchen island in case you feel that there’s not enough room for you to move freely. 



This type of kitchen island allows you to use it both as eating table and for kitchen use because of its rough surface. So be as much productive as you can.

Or you can always buy a Cabinet which is more than multi functional. You can storage all your things in a logic order so you will definitely save time, because you will always know where to find what you need, it can also be used for kitchen use and dining.



When we’re talking about sinks, we have the pleasure to find out that more and more designers take into consideration the fact the micro apartments and small houses are searched for and create different types of elegant sinks.


This type of sink is extremely efficient. It is deep enough so you won’t water the furniture when you’re washing the plates and it allows you to use it for kitchen use because of its multi functional use. You can adjust it for cutting the vegetables and has an under drawer for in case some of them fall off. I think this is extraordinary and every kitchen should have one.

When’t it’s about multi functional than anything can be transformed in a multi functional detail including your finishes. Rustic has always looked amazing and inspiring so opt for a rustic style where overhead beams are exposed and why not a weathered cabinetry.




A multi functional kitchen can be very fun to design and the result will pencil a beautiful large smile on your face. Every morning will be an experience. 


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