Organizing Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Organizing Ideas for Small Bedrooms

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If you too are struggling with the lack of space, check out these tips and ideas for small bedrooms to help you out!

Small Bedrooms: Separating wall

As wonderful a home as someone might have, there comes inevitably the problem of space. Many people are very often confronted with this issue of space. Want to buy new furniture? No space. Want to stack your magazines or display your collections? No space. And bedrooms are not excluded either. How many people you know that complain about small bedrooms? If you’re one of them, read on and find out more about how to organize your bedroom so as to take advantage of the available space!

Use the space under the bed. The space under the bed is most of the time overlooked and it’s a shame, since in small bedrooms it’s so valuable! You can simply use it as it is or you can install some wooden boards around, so that you have a huge drawer where to store things. Alternatively, you can also find bed frames which have already integrated different drawers, big or small, depending on your needs.

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Another great idea which you can use for small bedrooms are the storage boxes. You can find matching sets on the market, in different sizes. Use bigger ones for storing cushions or pillows away, toys or books, for instance. The smaller ones can be kept for jewelry, buttons or needles that you may need around and it’s better to know that you keep them in a certain place.

Don’t forget about the window sill! This is also an important place that people usually keep for plants instead of using it for essential things. Indeed, small bedrooms also need plants for beauty and health reasons, but you should consider using some wall-mounted ones instead of pots that occupy your window sill. Otherwise, you can make nice arrangements of overlapped flower pots which will take some space vertically instead of horizontally.

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Use hidden storage spaces. You can place some stools or ottomans in small bedrooms and hollow them, so that you can hide there the small nothings that occupy lots of space and make the room look untidy. Also, use small niches to install boxes or corner shelves to save some space. Alternatively, you can use an entire wall to place only one huge closet for anything you need: clothes, sheets, etc.

Remember to leave space in the center of the room. As much as you’d want to put in all the furniture you like and even large drawers in the idea that it will save you space, it’s better to plan smartly. Small bedrooms need to be free in the middle, so that you can have the illusion of space. Try to organize the rest of the furniture near the walls to free some space.

Also, don’t forget about the lighting, which is very important if you want to create the illusion of space. Always maintain a tidy room and don’t clutter it. Use white tones to spread the light into the room and don’t cover up any windows that might let it in!

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